Tuesday, April 19, 2011

getting outside when it's wet

About a year ago I wrote a post about
getting outside with your toddler despite the cold weather.

Now that we have moved to Sydney, I have noticed it's not quite as cold, but much wetter than Melbourne was. And so, I have been putting together a rain plan of action to make sure North still gets lots of time outdoors despite the downpour. Here are a few suggestions to help you and yours get out next time it clouds over:

* invest in a children's rainsuit- pants, jacket with hood and gumboots. This is something not enough children have. Children LOVE to play outdoors whether it's freezing cold and snowing, sweltering hot or pouring with rain. Help them to stay dry while they explore the wonders of a sopping wet backyard (or neighbourhood). (Also, a waterproof pram cover is important if you have a baby with you as well. They'll enjoy watching the raindrops drip down the cover while you play with your older one.)

* teach your children to enjoy being dirty. Many children are so accustomed to their parents constantly harping on them about staying clean, not playing with the mud, taking their shoes off, that they are really quite dirt-shy. I have had to physically get outside with North and teach him how to make mudpies, dig in the dirt and make earthy moats for sticks to float in. When he gets a bit uneasy about being all damp and dirty I simply remind him that we'll go inside and wash off together later and not to worry about it.

* some other wet and wild activities include puddle jumping, searching for worms, digging in the wet sandpit or going for a rainwalk

* have some hot soup in a pot on the stove ready to warm up when you get back inside.

* if your little one is still a little cold run a warm bath and enjoy a midday bubble retreat.

Hope you are enjoying the April showers no matter which hemisphere you are from!

xo m.


karen said...

oh how awesome! I bet you have just as much fun as north does building nud pies;)

karen said...

*mud* pies!

Gaby said...

This post made me laugh because i'm from vancouver where being wet is just second nature. I used to take the bus to UBC wearing a full on MEC rain suit (which is a very attractive look, by the way). Glad to see your making us canadians proud!

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Wendy said...

Love these ideas. We're just finishing (hopefully) our "rainy season" here in the Northern hemisphere, but I will file this away for the next round of rain!

Nicole said...

Thanks for these ideas. We're moving to London and I don't want to keep my toddler confined, so we'll have to get suited up. Great post!!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I would add - be sure to invest in some warm, wet weather gear for yourself too! Great ideas.

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