Tuesday, April 12, 2011

growing grass for the Easter Bunny

Another wonderful suggestion at the Autumn workshop I attended (led by a teacher at our local Steiner school) was to plant some seeds and grow some grass for the Easter Bunny to munch on as he passes through your home. We were each given a little bag of wheat grass seeds and told to plant them in a shallow bowl or container with some earth about 10 days before Easter.

North absolutely delighted in spreading the seeds out and covering them with dirt. Then we watered them well and covered the earth with a wet paper towel for the first couple days until the seeds germinated. Within 3 days we had the beginnings of grass and within 5 days we had a whole green grassy patch! The beauty of the wheat grass seeds is that they are quite large so North was able to pull one out and see the roots growing out of the bottom of the seed and a grass shoot coming out of the top of the seed- observing the whole green organism at work.

Fill a shallow bowl with earth
Cover with wheatgrass seeds
Cover seeds with a thin layer of earth
Cover with wet paper towel until germinated
Put in sun
Water often
Watch grow!

We'll leave this bowl out for the Bunny on the Saturday before Easter Sunday along with a little note and decorations. When North wakes up on Easter morning I am sure there will be some big sections missing from the grass where the Bunny has had a nibble.

Do you have any Easter traditions or creative ideas you'd like to share?

xo m.


madewithloveuk said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Easter (like leaving out a carrot at Christmas for the reindeer?) I have decided to start a tradition for my babu=y girl of colelcting a decorated real egg each year - which is being provided by her grandma for her first ever Easter - by the time she is ten she should have a nice collection of eggs to desplay on some willow (or other branches) each easter (I will no doubt create an 'egg hunt' for her too - won;t be able to resist!)Oh, and will very likely copy this grass idea too thanks!

Mama Gone Green said...

I keep meaning to do this but then put it off... i should get on it!

Rhiannon said...

This is such a clever idea, we are going to give it a try this easter, thanks!

TwigandToadstool said...

Love wheat grass ~ for Easter, for juicing and best of all in the dead of winter when all life seems to be sleeping! Thinking there shall be one happy bunny in your home; )

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea!! Thanks for sharing!!! Cassie

Rhiannon said...

Question, our local was out of stock of wheat grass seeds, and I was told that wheat germ would work the same... true or false?

ecoMILF said...

No idea. I tried to google it but I can't find any info... you can give it a shot and should know within 24 hours whether it's working or not... xx m.

Rhiannon said...

Thanks Meagan, I tried to google it but no luck., I'll give it a go :)

Bec @ eleventhirtyish said...

thanks for the great idea, I'm adding this to my tradition list! Another idea i found somewhere (!) last year and have been waiting to do is the magic bean idea, will post about it this week xx Bec

Tat said...

What a great idea, grass for the Easter bunny. I have a real bunny who lives on the balcony and we pick grass from him from outside, but we might start growing some.

tea with lucy said...

what a sweet idea. i think we may just have time to get some wheat grass growing for next sunday!


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