Monday, April 4, 2011

homemade babyfood

Wednesday is babyfood making day in our home because that is the day our weekly organic food box is delivered. I generally make about 3-4 veggie combos and 1-2 breakfast combos and then divvy them up into jars and freeze them for the week's meals. Then each night I transfer one veggie and one fruit combo into the fridge for the following day and add whatever proteins or additions the day of depending on what's at hand and what the rest of us are eating.

Despite the fact that she hasn't a single tooth yet, Indigo is eating a lot of what we eat not only because she wants to, but because her big brother keeps giving her his food when I'm not looking. It's surprising how much babies can eat without teeth. Any soft fruit, vegetable or grain is fair game for her.

breakfast purees:
apple, pear, cinnamon and a touch of kale
apple, cinnamon, oats, currants and a touch of maple syrup
banana and milk (breast, soy, formula, organic cow's...)
stewed apricot and tofu

for a well-rounded meal:
add cooked egg yolk
add wholegrain bread cut into fingers with tahini
add sneaky mini muffins

lunch and dinner purees:
roast pumpkin and zucchini
roast beetroot, potato and sweet potato
roast carrots, kale and a touch of orange juice
leek, pea, potato and mint
avocado and peas

for a well-rounded meal:
add steamed fish and mash or blend
add cooked rice
add cooked quinoa
add a tbs of cooked lentils
add toast fingers with butter or tahini or hummus or avocado spread on top

finger foods for babies with few teeth but an interest in chewing:
crackers (low-salt), rusks, corn/rice cakes
toast fingers with avocado, tahini or butter
boiled carrot sticks
soft, skinned cucumber
mango cut into slices
papaya cut into slices
banana cut into slices
melon cut into slices
boiled potato, carrots, zucchini from family soups
dry cereal (like low-sugar cheerios, rice puffs etc.)

The last time I posted about gourmet babyfood there were some delicious recipes in the comments section from all of you- thank you! Please feel free to write some more suggestions here too!

xo m.


Emma said...

Hi, have you ever considered 'baby lead weaning'. Basically you skip the purees and give finger foods. Way less work. I asked our maternal child health nurse (ACT) about it and she said it was a totally legit options (even had a DVD about it in their library) so we gave it a go and it went fine for our babe. I'll be taking this approach for our next babe too.

Francesca said...

Thanks for the post, it's very timely for us. I've been researching baby food recipes on the internet for the last couple of days!

Since my baby is 7mo, he's not quite ready for big textures. So for breakfast I make pear and prune oatmeal. I grind the oats into a flour first then cook this in saucepan with water just covering the oat flour. This takes two seconds, it cooks really quickly. At the same time I Cook pears and prunes together with a dash of cinnamon and then put all of it into a food processor.

I have also found this recipe to be great for baby constipation. I found my bub suffered a bit when we started solids but he's all good now!

Lisa said...

oh how i loved making baby food for my kids, now 8 and 10. fresh ingredients and lots of love are all you need!!
have a lovely week

Bron said...

Another vote for Baby Led Weaning, it was easy! Baby eats at their pace, when they are developmentally ready, keeping in mind that until age 1 foor is just about play, taste and texture. It also fosters independent eating and fine motor skills. By bub having control of what they eat, how much, it is a very smooth transition from exclusive breastfeeding where they have always been in control of their intake. The DVD and book is also great and go into the research behind the method. We loved it!

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