Wednesday, April 27, 2011

our winter garden

We've just planted our little winter urban garden.

There's a little blueberry plant.

In the garden box there is lettuce, kale, baby beetroot and baby radishes.

In the herb garden there is sage, rosemary, mint, chives, parsley, thyme and oregano.

I am thinking about trying my luck at potatoes again. Last time I tried I failed miserably. But I don't think I waited long enough before I tried to dig them up. I'm going to let a couple of the potatoes in this week's organic delivery start sprouting and take it from there... Tips?

What's in your garden right now?

xo m.


Miss E said...

We're just so sad that out beautiful tomatoes are coming to an end! Your winter garden is inspiring me to start thinking about ours now...

Michelle said...

It looks great M! Well done!

This is a great link for growing potatoes in a small space::follow this and you can't go wrong!

Maxabella said...

There is nothing even remotely edible in my garden right now (although try telling that to the possums and bandicoots!!) I will take inspiration from your patch and get planting on the weekend. Thank you! x

madewithloveuk said...

I find that for good potatoes you need to plant them quite low down in whatever container you are using, and as the leaves grow, cover them up again, also, don;t be scared to chop off the tops that are poking out as this will encourage the roots to grow outwards instead of upwards (creating bigger potatoes!) hope they work out ok x

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