Sunday, April 17, 2011


Although not outwardly political, this blog obviously has a lot of political themes throughout including many posts about the environment, animal rights, and human rights.

Reading the news this past week or so reminded me of my all-time favourite documentaries- Promises. It follows the diverse lives of 7 Arab and Jewish children living in Jerusalem. Although they all live within 20 kilometers from each other their world's could not be further apart. The trailer alone brings tears to my eyes.

All politics aside, this movie is a beautifully touching example of how pure, innocent and good all children are regardless of their religion, race and nationality. It reminds me to embrace the peace that lives so naturally within children's hearts, and to try my best not to pass on any jaded negativity to my children and to always be a believer in peace on earth.

xo m.


superhappyjohi said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! It did bring tears to my eyes... can't wait to see this movie. we just moved back to Israel one and a half years ago and I really wish to raise our future kids with a very open and peacful mind. Keep up this great blog! I learned a lot from You!

Mama Gone Green said...

Thanks! Just added it to my netflix queue.

Om maker said...

Your right, the trailer alone moved me to tears. Guess I will be watching the movie with a pile of hankies:) Thanks for sharing.

Kristi said...

i have goosebumps all over my body. thanks for sharing this.

Simone said...

Watching this trailer brings tears to my eyes too, albeit for an entirely different reason. Without a thorough grounding in the history of the Middle East conflict, anyone watching this clip couldn’t help but come away believing that both sides are equally to blame for the hostilities that exist in the region, or, as I’ve heard it put countless times by people who would be hard pressed to even locate Israel on a map of the world, “the Arabs and the Israelis are just as bad as each other.” It’s a message that the makers of this documentary (and the virulently anti-Israeli BBC) are all too happy to convey to the world. The question of whether or not it’s true hardly seems to matter to them. Well, it’s a question that matters very much indeed. A solution to the Middle East conflict cannot and will not be found while the world’s media (including documentary makers) refuse to acknowledge what the real problem is and continue, instead, propagating the lie that the Israelis and the Palestinians are morally equivalent.

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