Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten

From the back cover:

Why has Christianity chosen to ignore its connections with the religions of the East, and to dismiss repeatedly the numerous claims that Jesus spent a large part of his life in INdia? This compelling book presents irrefutable evidence that Jesus did indeed live in India, dying there in old age. The result of many years of investigative research. Jesus Lived in India takes the reader to all the historical sites connected with Jesus in Israel, the Middle East, Afghanistan and India. As well as revealing age-old links between the Israelites and the EAst, the evidence found by theologian Holger Kerten points to the following startling conclusions:

In his youth Jesus followed the ancient Silk Route to India. While there he studied Buddhism, adopting its tenants and becoming a spiritual master.

Jesus survived the crucifixion.

After the resurrection Jesus returned to India to die of old age.

Jesus was buried in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, where he continues to be revered as a saintly man.

The tomb of Jesus still exists in Kashmir.


Very, very interesting stuff.

xo m.

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Trinity said...

Hi there,
I'm interested to know why this interests you?
I have never heard of these claims but I do think it's pretty odd that all of his disciples were killed/thrown in prison/exiled for telling everyone that he rose from the dead. Why would they bother if he was just off living in India? There's a lot of research gone into I guess "backing up" the Christian belief. Also the Romans were pretty much experts at killing you, that's a pretty big slip up on their part considering the controversy of his crucifixion. Maybe you should read some other resources too.

Just thought I'd throw in my thoughts there, loving yr blog :)

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