Wednesday, May 25, 2011

high protein breakfasts

I was talking to a friend of mine about how loopy North gets in the mornings if we haven't been out of the house by 9 and she suggested giving him something to eat that is high in protein. This really struck a chord with me because I have noticed he is most off the wall in the mornings after breakfast and most days his breakfast is actually the highest carbohydrate/sugar laden meal he has. Most often he has a bowl of porridge with berries and maple syrup. But instinctively, I have been trying to give him a boiled or scrambled egg around 10am because I feel that his body is craving some protein. Which has got me thinking- how can we start our day with protein rich foods, enabling all of us to stay full longer without any great bursts and then dips in energy?

Here is a list that I now have posted on the fridge of protein-rich foods that are suitable for the whole family for breakfast:

almond milk and pea protein powder smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit and honey

sliced apples with nut butter

homemade berry friands with nut butter

scrambled tofu with tomato, avocado and toast

eggs and toast with tomato, avocado

baked beans and toast with tomato, avocado

hummus with dippy bread fingers

pancakes made with chickpea or buckwheat or quinoa flour

multigrain-porridge made with oats and quinoa flakes

baked/boiled sweet potatoes stuffed with baked beans and veggies

The printable version of this list is here- take it for your fridge if you want to.

Any other suggestions? What do you use for your morning protein hit?

xo m.


Wendy said...

What a lifesaver--I've been looking for some better and more varied breakfast options! Thanks for the pdf!

madewithloveuk said...

Fab list of ideas there - I make this for my little one: , I add ground nuts to it for a protein hit now that she's a bit older and needs the energy, plus the oats keep her going for a while, also make a similar version for me and my hubby! :

Gaby said...

Great ideas Meagan! Thanks for this. x

Ola said...

Thank you for posting this. I am also on a serious drive to get good quality protein into all of us. We have an omelette every morning actually!

Tat said...

What a great list! Our morning protein hit is cheese, but there is no dairy on your list, so I am guessing it's not part of your diet.

BalancingBride said...

Thanks for sharing this - useful not just for active tots but active ladies trying to get more healthy calories in their day! Thanks!

messyfish said...

brilliant...printing now....

dailydialect said...

we like hemp milk and hemp seed, very high in protein!

Rochelle's Lenz said...

Thanks! We have been going for the egg option, but this variety will be so appreciated by K and her Mumma. Love how you listen to your lovelies and share your observations - helps me to listen closer to my lovely

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