Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a reality check from perez hilton

I think I have briefly mentioned here and there throughout this blog that I was born and raised a meat-eater. Although as the years go by my taste for meat has diminished, every so often I hum and ah about how I’d like a taste of some bacon or steak or chicken. I imagine buying an organic piece of meat and cooking it up with love and gratitude... but although ‘organic’, this term has no implications about the way an animal is treated. Generally speaking animals raised ‘organically’ might live with a bit more space and health than their non-organic counterparts, but when it comes to the killing day they all go to the same slaughterhouse. More on the question of whether organic meat is a more humane choice here if you’re interested.

Last night I wanted to remind myself of the primary reason I am a vegetarian- animal rights. So I went to the PETA website for some inspiration. Easily distracted I saw the headline, ‘Perez Hilton, What are Factory Farms Trying to Hide?’ and was of course intrigued. I had no idea Perez Hilton of all people was an animal activist. So I naively clicked on and began to watch his presentation. Within 30 seconds- THIRTY SECONDS- I had to turn the video off. I was sick, I felt nauseas, I was horrified with the undercover footage I saw. I immediately closed all PETA windows and any prior meat cravings immediately became non-existent. Putrid to even think about.

These images and videos aren’t one-offs that those 'crazy animal activists' got their hands on. Large-scale farms cannot and do not humanely kill animals. Can you humanely kill? Isn't that why the death penalty was abolished in Australia, Canada and beyond? I just don't understand how a person who massacres all day long, everyday for their living can feel happy, empathetic, compassionate... just plain normal. I don't want to create the demand for a job like this. In the words of Pythagorus, "For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

Thank you Perez for this reality check. I am so glad that I am not consuming the kind of negative energy that is within these dead bodies. If an animal has experienced and is filled with adrenaline, fear, pain and suffering are we not a part of that when we consume it? Are we not consuming that prana?

You may not be a vegetarian yourself, but surely by now we all know that this age-old saying is true: ‘We are what we eat’.

xo m.

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Gaby said...

Thanks for this Meagan! As a new vegetarian myself, I struggle with these cravings and thoughts quite often. Idit told us during teacher training that she has to read a book about vegetarianism/animals rights every few months to remind herself why she's on this path, and i think i'll have to do the same. x

Catherine Lowe said...


Last nights viewing.

Please sign the petition that is to be presented TONIGHT



ecoMILF said...

Thanks Catherine!! Will do! xo m.

Elise said...

Hi Meagan, I read your blog often and this is my first comment. I watched 4 corners last night and I must say that will give you huge amounts of inspiration for vegetarianism. I eat meat occasionally however now the thought of consuming meat is absolutely sickening to me. The footage has left me traumatised and disgusted. I will definately be signing the petition Catherine has posted.
On a happier note, I love your blog! I look forward to reading it every day :)
Elise xo

superhappyjohi said...

Hey Meagan, as a vegan since almost a year - i recommend you "Eating animals" from J.S. Foer if you didn´t read it yet and I am currently reading The China study, which explains why a whole food plantbased diet is the best for all (it is an eye opening book)... a new movie Forks over Knives just came out about this topic. Have a great week!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Thanks Meagan

I am still still horrified and trembling from the footage on 4 corners last night. I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister and signed the petition at Get UP.

I guess I need to be thankful for small mercys with the cessation of trade to certain 11 abbatoirs in Indonesia but the industry spin on this is woeful. Do they think we are stupid? I have had a few cries today.

Thank you for posting this. I wanted to write something myself. I do eat meat occassionally with my partner. I was vegan for 14 years. I had been trying to buy local meat from local producers but have been feeling very uneasy about this for sometime.

I hope something changes soon for these precious creatures.

x jill

Kory said...

Thank you for sharing this. Although I have been a vegetarian since I was a teenager and a vegan for a year I tend to eat meat during my pregnancies... well for a lot of silly reasons. I'm 34 weeks with this one and have been feeling really guilty, so a good push back onto the 'wagon' so to speak is really useful.

motherwho said...

This seems to be so timely after watching the horror that was Four Corners last night. I can see a few other people have commented on the same show. Never in my life have I been exposed to such violence.

I was driving home from work tonight considering becoming a vegetarian again. I started eating meat again when I was pregnant... now my bubs is 14 months old but I am back in the habit of eating meat. Actually came on to your site just now to look at the 'vegetarian family' stuff you have, to see if it would motivate me to get back into the vegetarian swing, only to find this post at the top of the page...

Thanks - and agree with Catherine, everyone should sign the getup petition!!!

Shannon said...

I just haven't been able to bring myself to watch it...a little voice says i should but my better sense of judgement says don't. i think it will give me nightmares.

Carrie said...

My sentiments exactly, thank you for continuing to post about this "controversial" subject. Many more people would become vegetarian/vegan if they knew the horrors. Most people don't want to know because they would have to either live with less integrity after knowing, or be forced to change their ways.

Tiffany said...

I just found your blog this morning. It is beautiful! I am a vegan mother to my two darling little girls and I hope to start homeschooling this fall. Your blog is very inspirational to me!

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