Wednesday, May 4, 2011

with humbled gratitude

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A few months ago, I posted a few photos of some ragrugs I like on my pinterest board.
I fondly remember the ones my Grandma had and the warmth they brought to her home.

Recently, and completely out of the blue, one of my dear readers wrote me an email asking if I'd like her to send a rag rug handmade by her Mum.

Would I ever!

And so, this morning we welcomed this gorgeous piece into our home. It brightens up our kitchen, keeps my toes warm while I'm washing up (which is really a lot of time added up through the day), and keeps the little ones cozy as they play at my feet.

Thank you so much to Victoria (and her Mum!) from Made With Love UK for this amazing gift and your generosity. If you get a chance please check out her beautiful Etsy shop filled with handmade felted loveliness.

xo m.


dixiebelle said...

Oh that is gorgeous and very generous! (Cute baby too!!)

jodi said...

it's karma M...for all the beautiful things you sent me! x

Ooty said...


little gnome said...

You lucky lady - what a gorgeous rug, it looks so lovely in your kitchen....and your little one, so adorable.

emm said...

How cool is that!? And funny you should talk about pinterest, I just signed up 2 days ago! It's such a great way to store ideas. p.s love your light-filled kitchen! All the homes here in Perth seem to be built to cope with the heat of summer; i.e big eaves over all the windows=dim light inside :-(
Enjoy your rug! Xx

Nicole said...

It is beautiful and your home is so full of light. how lovely!!! i will check out her etsy shop. we are getting ready to move and i could use a new kitchen rug! I hear you on the dishwashing!! i have a sink full right now :)

madewithloveuk said...

So glad you like it! It looks lovely in your bright and airy kitchen, and your baby is SUCH a cutie! xx

Rhiannon said...

That is just gorgeous, I love the colours. Luck you... and Indi, she seems to like it too!
Rhi x

Tricia said...

That is one lovely rug! I LOVE how light your kitchen it. It looks like a lovely space to spend time.

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