Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a gnome home

North discovered a 'gnome home' today. Complete with toadstool table, pinecone lounge chairs, a pine needle broom, chopped wood for the fireplace, a flower petal bed with moss pillow and a fern canopy. We'll check on it every so often to see if we can get a peek at the gnome who lives there. It looks like he worked very hard on his little home...

xo m.


Tricia said...

Purely magical!!! I would have LOVED to find a gnome home when I was a child.

You have inspired me to do something similar in our backyard. Little Eco used to have a fairy garden and the fairies would leave her little gifts every now and then. The other day she asked me why the fairies didn't leave her gifts any more. I think I better give those fairies a gently reminder ;-)

Bess said...

What a lucky little boy to have found a gnome home! I myself have never seen one, but I've always wanted to. I guess I just need to keep looking. :)

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