Thursday, June 30, 2011

the great outdoors

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, getting outdoors with my toddler makes a world of difference to his attitude, happiness and energy levels. Before we left for Canada our rhythm wasn't exactly slow and steady. We were running around trying to get some errands done and it was bucketing with rain in Sydney. We were spending between an hour to three hours outside each day- not nearly enough for my growing boy. And with this lack of fresh air came irritability, mood swings, fatigue, aggression and many meltdowns. Of course, it's not just the lack of outdoor activity that affected him, but I am confident this had a large deal to do with it.

Since we arrived in Canada he has spent a minimum of 3 hours outdoors a day, most days 6-8 hours, and it is as if I have a new child. He roams, he climbs, he hikes, he explores and soaks up everything that Mother Nature has to offer. He is using his whole body - carrying firewood, climbing hills, kicking in the water, squatting while he examines a bug on the ground. He's not forever circling on his balance bike at the local park (not that this is necessarily bad, just unchallenging after a while).

As I said to Kristi, "there is fluidity and grace in his movements. He is more quiet and content. There is something in the earth and the trees that feeds him like nothing else". I am so grateful for this time outdoors, breathing the fresh air, exploring the wonders of nature... and I think he is too.

xo m.


Sandi Ratch said...

As a Canadian, I have to say that I think it has less to do with being outside and more to do with being in CANADA!! It's a great place. Who wouldn't be more energetic :) What part of our great country are you in?

ecoMILF said...

Muskoka, Ontario at the same family cottage I spent my childhood summers at. Home, sweet home. M.

Bess said...

I've noticed that even my three week old is happier when we take her outside. She is content to sit in her little baby chair while I read, or in her wrap while I hang laundry, or just snuggled with one of us while we swing away the evening. I love that she seems to already prefer being outside. I am looking forward to when she can run around and explore! :)

kristi said...

i know. x.

Catherine said...

He certainly looks like he's calm and having a a great time Meagan, he's looks so happy. xo

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