Thursday, June 9, 2011

a little squirrel

We are going 'home' to Canada very soon for seven weeks of the Canadian summer! Although we'll miss Brad dearly (he'll only join us for the last couple weeks), I am beside myself with excitement about seeing my family and friends and sharing some of my own North American childhood memories and experiences with my little ones. We will be spending the majority of time at the family cottage on the edge of a big placid lake surrounded by rock faces and forests. To mark the occasion, I sewed up a little red squirrel that will join us on the journey overseas. There are many red squirrels and chipmunks at the cottage so it won't be long before North sees a real one.

The pattern is from Bear Dance Crafts if you're interested.

xo m.


Ola said...

Lucky you! Enjoy it, now you make me homesick :(.

Lisa said...

oh how cute is the squirrel!!! Have FUN!

simona said...

i love read squirrels. i grew up in germany where they were red and pretty, here in the u.s. they are grey and well, still kind of cute. like the way you posed the squirrel on the branch. the picture with the squirrel and your little one is adorable!

Michelle said...

Such a cute squirrel! Sounds like a wonderful trip - can we come too?

mummybear said...

What a cute squirrel! Have a lovely time in Canada!

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