Sunday, June 19, 2011

to canada

On Tuesday morning Indigo, North and I are jet-setting to LA and then through to Toronto. We're basically packed, our carry-ons are organised and carefully planned, I have every natural calming remedy known to man, snacks, new toys that have never been played with and an iPad which should really make a difference considering North is tv-free at home so any form of screen-time is a serious treat and addiction for him.

I am flying alone with the little ones, Brad will meet us there in five weeks. We are going to miss him more than we can imagine. It's the longest any of us have ever gone without him. In Canada we will spend the majority of our time at a family cottage beside a big lake surrounded by trees. I am so looking forward to this retreat.

North travelling with me over a year ago. My, how he's changed!

I will still be blogging each day- this week I have a few posts already planned and I hope to start blogging live again by Friday once we're a bit more settled.

If you have any last minute tips on flying long-haul with a toddler and baby I am all ears. I have a back-post about travelling with a little one, but that was with one child not two. I am pretty overwhelmed and nervous. It' s going to be a huge juggling act. I just plan to take it moment by moment.

Catch you all on the flip side- we'll be sharing lots of summer sunshine and activities from that side of the world.

xo m.


Rhiannon said...

I hope you have the most amazing time, it must be quite overwhelming going back to your first home. No tips hear for the flight sorry, from what I can tell you and your littlies appear quite calm generally so im sure this will be a blessing. Hope it goes well without your hubby there for so many weeks, I'm sure ull miss each other hugely! Look forward to seeing and hearing about your summer holiday. Luv Rhi x

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

wow that is amazing!!! sounds like you are planning a long visit over there! we are travelling to Italy with our two little ones, so I was keen to get some tips, but I'll have the help of hubby and my mother in law, so all i can offer you is just re-assurance that people fly with thier children all the time, and the air hostesses should help out as much as they can!! have a great time xx

Tania said...

Are you serious, lady! No amount of good advice would prepare you for any number of fun 'n' games potential!

Actually, I'm convinced you'll be fine. Just breathe deep. Breathe calm. Have a fabulous time.

apples with honey said...

As a Canadian in Ontario cottage country, I am curious as to where you will be cottaging :)
You're a saint for traveling with the littles! Enjoy your family time!

willywagtail said...

Don't be nervous. see it as a fun adventure, regardless of any hiccups, and your little ones will follow your lead. After all, you look after them normally down on earth. All the best. Enjoy your times there. Cherrie

superhappyjohi said...

Have a great trip!

Sunshine Mama said...

Have a fun and safe trip! I hope you get beautiful weather while your here :)

Jo McBride said...

leslie richardson turned me on to your blog. it amazes me how much we having in common. although, my kids are older [6 & 8], we'll be backpacking through central america for five weeks this summer. if you can make the long haul with two little ones, it'll be a breeze for me this summer :D said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! My flying tip is simply to stay calm. When H was 2 months and A was 17 months, we took two long flights. Mommy and Daddy's calm attitude kept the girls much more relaxed. A looked out the window, napped and charmed the other passengers. They are now 2 and 3 and we just got home from a road trip (2600 miles in the car!) and both of them fed off that calm energy once again. Plenty of toys, snacks and conversation kept them content for the 4 long days of driving.

Louisa @ Modern Little Munchkins said...

Safe travels, Meagan! xx

thejadeleaf said...

Safe journey and I really look forward to seeing your posts from Canada. Jade x

Cass said...

Safe travels, M.

Madkap said...

Have a lovely trip!

My wee one was lovely on her first long haul flight, then during our lay-over I found her a big cup of pop corn and she happily sat and ate that then we found a space and played ring-a-rosy and BOO behind the chairs. Then she was ok for the next bit (this was when she was 20 months).

Also, grab all the kids packs you can. All of them.

And remember no matter how horrid you think your child is being, as long as you are engaged with them they're doing better than most (I was confirmed in this view when I took N for a walk to the back of the plane and saw a two year old crying and wailing in his seat while his mother watched her film with headphones on!!!!)

Also, for ipad N (2.5 yo) loves the Cat in the Hat books, and the games where she presses a drawn picture and photos of that item come up, also memory matching (this is her only screen time - one thing only on a Sunday [maybe!])

Enjoy your trip!!

Catherine Lowe said...

You never cease to amaze & inspire me, traveling on your own with 2 babies!!! OMG!! AMAZING! I found it was full on to attempt with one alone.
Enjoy your adventure, it sounds like a magical experience ahead.
Look forward to seeing the scenery

ashley said...

you are going straight to my home. jealous, yup!
enjoy. i miss the cottage life, nothing like it over here is there?!
enjoy every moment.
x ashley

Jocelyn Nelson said...

Hello, I know this will be too late for your flight out to Canada but might be helpful for the way back. I flew from the UK (where I live) to Las Vegas (where my parents live) with my then 12 month old daughter and 33 month son by myself. It was hard work but my biggest challenge was one that I never thought of. I had packed loads of new toys, books, snacks etc but on the way there my kids were so over- tired and wound up they weren't interested in any of it. They really just needed to sleep but couldn't get comfortable in such a stimulating enviroment. I should have brought each one their own pillow and tried to get them to have as much sleep as possible before the flight instead of keeping them awake before in hopes they would sleep on the plane. Each flight and each child is different, but those were my mistakes.
The best plaything I brought was a stack of post-its. My son loved pulling them apart and sticking them everywhere, putting them back together, drawing on them. Usually in our house, he is not allowed to play/ waste them so it was novel. Also, my son loved playing with my camera, taking pictures, looking at pics I had stored on it, etc.
Enjoy Canada!

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