Tuesday, June 21, 2011

winter urban garden

We are in the air now flying "home" to Canada, but before we switch seasons I thought you might like a peak at the winter urban garden. We did plant some potatoes, so we'll see how they're faring when we get home. There are radishes and lettuce in the planter and sage, mint, rosemary , parsley and chives in the herb garden.

the very beginnings of pumpkin

the very beginnings of blueberries





the wattle trees above the garden- hence all the yellow fuzz on the earth.

It will be lovely to see how all of these plants have grown when we return in 8 weeks... I look forward to sharing that harvest with you then.

xo m.

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Domestic Artisan said...

You garden is lovely. My herbs haven't faired so well minus the sunshine. I'm not sure if it's a typo but the yellow fuzzy tress are Wattle Trees, my favourite, being a Winter baby. I adore their smell, the softness and the colour. Safe travels to Canada.

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