Tuesday, July 12, 2011

29 things.

today being my 29th birthday i thought i'd share 29 things about myself

1. i got this idea from one of the beautiful blogs i subscribe to- apples with honey
2. i avoid as much as i can: putting doona covers on doonas; swimming in the ocean; eggs because they make me think of raw ovaries and generally revolt me; nightclubs, the people who frequent nightclubs and refined carbohydrates
3. when i eat refined carbohydrates (especially white bread) i become irrationally emotional
4. i feel most at home and at peace beside a lake
5. i am so grateful for this life and how blessed and lucky i have always been and will always be... but don't think i come even close to grateful enough for it all
6. i have on many occasions had a 6th sense and had spirtual premonitions that have convinced total non-believers of another realm
7. i feel guilty everyday for any amount of dairy i consume and would like to find the will (and miracle substitute ingredient) to remove it finally and completely from my diet (tips?)
8. if i could do it all again, i would have taken biology
9. i am a do-er, but my husband will tell you i am not detail-oriented... i beg to differ!
10. i always put 1 tsp of extra yeast in bread recipes and 1 tsp extra of baking powder in baking recipes to be sure things come out well-risen
11. i am not a morning person. i need everyone to be out of my room, if only for 1 minute, so that i can step out of bed in peace and with some space
12. i am terrified of heights, sharks, bears and plane crashes
13. i can't bring myself to join any more social networks- facebook, twitter, pinterest and a blog- isn't this enough?!
14. i definitely prefer the australian winter to the australian summer, that said, i defintiely prefer the canadian summer to the canadian winter
15. a palm-reader once told me i am an 'old soul' because i have frighteningly wrinkly hands
16. i am a certified hatha yoga teacher and children's yoga teacher
17. in university i majored in international development, and double minored in philosophy and world religions
18 .yoga is the closest i have come to joining an organised religion
19. i believe we choose our lives, our friends and our family before we come into this world inorder to learn what we need to
20. my children are tv-free, but i watch some shows on occasion. favourites include glee, seinfeld, modern family and river cottage.
21. look up the qualities of a cancerian and you will know me through and through
22. the farm sanctuary video is what converted me to vegetarianism in a serious way (i dabbled before that) and i haven't' looked back
23. i am a homebody who is social: come to my place any time for tea and baked goods!
24. i lived in south korea for 6 months and taught english, ate kimchi and drank far too much soju
25. i have been paid to shush- in the hallways of a musical theatre school there are hall moniters who are paid to keep the school hallways quiet (there is a whole lot of tapping and singing going on), we were called 'shushers'
26. i went to said musical theatre school in new york city for a year and half to study singing, dancing and acting, turns out, i am still a talented singer but no amount of training could help me tell my left foot from my right or teach my brain to send any sense of rhythm to my feet at all
27. my favourite flower is the peony
28. my 11th grade law teacher told my parents i was too much of an idealist. i still am. i believe in the possibility a peaceful world. i do
29. i believe more than anything that we are always doing the best we can, given the circumstances, but at the same time we should always challenge ourselves to make changes, live outside the box, question ourselves and take responsibility for our actions and the ripple effect they create

xo m.


Emma said...

cool post meagan! have you tried coconut milk as a dairy substitute?? I have used it in smoothies and for baking and works rather nicely.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Meagan! I enjoyed learning 29 things about you, thank you!

Louisa @ Modern Little Munchkins said...

Happy Birthday Meagan!! A cancerian like my husband. (He is turning 30 this coming Sunday!).

Thanks for sharing! This is a beautiful post to read. xx

georgi hampton said...

Happy birthday! ooh I so know what you mean about needing to get out of bed in peace (ie alone) - I am the same! I'm having a giveaway at my blog at the moment - I'd love for you to check it out if you'd like. xo

Gaby said...

Happy birthday Meagan!

p.s. I hate mornings too. And i way prefer aussie winter to aussie summer, but will always take a canadian summer over a canadian winter. Oh, and animal sanctuary is what converted me to vegetarianism as well. When it was over, i was like, "done, i guess i'm a vegetarian now..."


Lauren said...

Sending you happy birthday wishes on your lovely relaxing-looking holiday !

Cass said...

Happy birthday! :)

Catherine said...

Happy birthday beautiful lady. xo

Brenna said...

I am also not a morning person, and #23 describes me to a T! Also always prefer winter to summer- Canadian though! Happy Birthday, hope you had a peaceful and relaxing day!



PS- the freakishly wrinkled hand comment made me laugh out loud! I have freakishly small hands...

Sustainababy said...

Happy Birthday! I too am a social homebody. :-)

motherwho said...

Happy birthday Meagan! Loved reading this post. Lucy xo

Michelle said...

Hey Miss M, Happy Birthday! I loved this post. So lovely to read about you. You're so interesting!

Have you looked much into raw food diets? They have lots of delicious recipes for nut cheeses and other dairy substitutes. However, I think a little dairy, from a well loved cow is good for most people.


Rhiannon said...

Beautiful post, thanks and a very happy birthday to you

charlotte said...

A lovely post. Happy birthday! I enjoyed the term a social homebody, I think that's what I am!!

Michele said...

Hope you had a great birthday Meagan - looks like a great spot to spend it! I also celebrate yet another year today (up to 34 now!) and embrace all that comes with being a cancerian. I spent today at home with my 3r old who has tonsilitis - not the best day ever - but in amongst the cuddles and nose wipes, did manage to make home made ketchup, and turned yogurt into cream cheese and whey for the first time...which for me is pretty satisfying stuff. Hope your day made you smile...

Mama Gone Green said...

That was fun! Happy birthday!

Catherine Lowe said...

Happy birthday lovely lady, cute post! And interesting! I not into mornings either, although i find the green smoothies really change that for me - when im regularly having, not even daily, just regular..

Mrs B said...

Happy Birthday!! :-)

I'd love a miracle ingredient for giving up milk LOL. I've settled for a combo of rice milk & coconut milk for morning smoothies.

I've also got a great cookbook at the moment called everything vegan and it talks about making cheese alternatives from nuts and in some cases soy & nuts (which doesnt work for us as we are soy free as well).

I dont miss dairy so much now (I've been full on vegan for 4 months) but I did miss milk at the start.

jodi said...

happiest day to you M! Loved 'getting to know you' x

Sandrine said...

Hope you had a nice Birthday Meagan!

Sonya said...

As a thank you for leading me to tomorrow morning's breakfast (raw buckwheat breakfast porridge from the Oh She Glows blog -- yum!), here's a link to one of my favorite vegan recipe sources: www.theppk.com, or Isa Chandra's Post Punk Kitchen (of Vegan with a Vengence fame). I think you'll find some inspiration to curtail at least some of your dairy consumption -- someone mentionned coconut milk, which is a great substitute for the soy I tend to rely on too heavily, and you'd be amazed at what you can do with nutritional yeast in the kitchen. Also, Isa has a great selection of gluten-free recipes, which has become key for us since finding out my three-year-old is not only allergic to dairy products but also to gluten (yeah, she wasn't keeping me up all night *just* to nurse...).
Anyway, happy birthday from a fellow Canadian, and thanks again for the inspiration!

dear olive said...

Happy birthday lady! I am totally with you on the doona cover thing. Such an irritating task. Kellie xx

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope you had a lovely day with your family x t

Gina said...

Happy birthday. Lovely to learn more about you. Thanks for popping over to clutterpunk the other day... Im off in my own little world with barely time for blogging or commenting but I still read what I can. Enjoy the last year of your 20s!

Lizeylou said...

What a great post for me to learn all about you and become a new follower.
Now I am going to go back and read a bit more. Fun!!

Ola said...

Happy birthday Meagan! I relate to so much of what you say. Peonies are also my favourite flowers and I am also an old soul, now that I look at it, I also have very old hands :).

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

A very happy year ahead to you sweet cancerian Meagan. Peonies are my favourite too. I'm going to try your idea of adding 1 tsp baking paper - thank you - hopefully I will never again have 'that' look on my face when I open the oven door. I hope your sankalpa comes true for you this year. Love, Katie xxx

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