Sunday, July 17, 2011

a Canadian visitor

Black Bears are big fans of the garbage bins where we are, no matter how secure we keep them they always seem to find a way in. On a garbage run yesterday we happened across this beautiful bear. He was disconcertingly unafraid of us. It worries me when animals like this aren't scared off by humans... more for their future safety than for ours.

Just another day in Canada!

xo m.


Brenna said...

We have a terrible problem with bears in our city as well. At our new house it is not so bad, but the old place had a bear that walked down the street every night looking for garbage. I ran into him once outside less than 6 feet from me and he didn't even act scared. It certainly is frightening when they are not phased by you! Stay safe!


Rhiannon said...

I can't believe that there are bears so close to where you are! It's amazing! They are beautiful creatures, although I have seen too many of the negative stories of attacks on people that i think I would be more than a little scared! I bet North must be pretty amazed by such a big animal!
Rhi x

Lucinda said...

Wow, he/she does look very beautiful. You are doing a very good job for Canadian tourism! It's always been on my list but following your trip has made me want to visit even more!!

Ola said...

Wow, what a beautiful sight to see. I agree with you about being concerned for the animals. xxx

kristi said...

So cool. Are you wanting to move back home yet?

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