Thursday, July 21, 2011

cloth nappy review: real cloth nappies

One of ecoMILF's wonderful sponsors- Real Nappies, was kind enough to provide our family with a set of their nappies for little Indigo. Up until recently she has been using her big brother's old cloth nappies, but because she is so much smaller than he was none of them seem to fit properly, the elasticity is quickly going and as a result there was a whole lot of leaking going on. Since she started donning her new hot pink nappies there hasn't been a problem other than the usual cloth nappy big butt syndrome (which we happen to think is pretty darn cute). 

What I love most about these MCNs is the fact that you don't have to insert the absorbent cloth part into anything, they are just simply placed onto the cover. Real Nappies are made from 100% cotton and dry easily and quickly. Best of all, unlike our previous cloth nappies, Real Nappies guarantees that their nappies are made with such quality materials that they  promise their nappies will last through two children... too bad I am pretty sure we've reached our family population capacity.

Please check out Real Nappies if you're in the market for cloth nappies. Also read my previous posts about our cloth nappy journey, including why we made the switch, how easy it was and how rewarding it has been. 

xo m.


charlotte said...

yay to real nappies! I too love the big waddling bottoms.

jade said...

Wow. Indigo is walking? How old is she? She still looks so little! x

rebekah said...

We love our Real Nappies. Used them for a year before becoming a rep for Real Nappies in NSW!
You have a beautiful blog - look forward to reading more! :)

honest company said...

Yes, some diapers are more costly but we love them! I have to admit, I waited until my daughter was a little older to use them, just shy of 2 months. She is almost 3 months now and we have used them for a little over a month. I am so glad we have used them.

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