Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tree hugging

We went for a little wander and on the way collected a variety leaves. We then laid them out and began to identify the types of trees we had discovered. This activity is a little bit beyond North's level, but he had fun comparing the leaves in the book to the ones we discovered and he especially loved the leaf rubbings we did after identifying them all.

This is a fun, educational and simple activity to do in any location. It can be broken down into different activities- searching, identifying, colouring and can be stretched out the fill an entire afternoon.

xo m.


Saminda said...

Yes, I've loved doing this with my kids over the years. :)

Amber said...

This is a beautiful thing to do. Such a lovely blog this is xxxx

Bess said...

I *love* leaf rubbings! When I taught preschool, I cut out animal shapes from heavy construction paper. We did rubbings over those as well, to make a "forest full of animals".

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