Sunday, August 14, 2011

the demise of guys

A "think link" for your Sunday evening. Interesting and sobering. 

Thank you for all of your comments regarding yesterday's post. Glad to hear I am not alone with my shock and disappointment over that article and also encouraging to hear there are so many other women that are passionate about natural birth. 

xo m.


momma rae said...

that's a good one! as a single woman after a decade in a marriage i am a bit freaked out by what i have seen to be the available pool of datable men my age. i think electronic intake should be part of my initial inquiry now! ;)

Simone said...

Men, generally speaking, haven't always behaved so badly. I remember my grandmother, who was born in 1911, reflecting on her youth, and only ever speaking in postive terms about the men she dated (and men in general) before tying the knot with my grandfather. My mother, who dated in the mid to late 60s tells a similar tale. The question I then have to ask myself is this: when exactly did the rot set in?

The speaker seems to be arguing that the demise of guys is a recent phenomenon. As someone who dated in the early 90s, long before the internet and the advent of internet porn, I can say with confidence that feckless men were a dime a dozen back then too. Internet porn and more sophisticated computer games certainly don't help men to be the best that they can be, but you could take them out of the equation and the problem would still exist in large measure. Internet addiction, as I see it, is a symptom of a disease, not the cause of the disease.

I don't blame the speaker here for ignoring what I believe to be the gigantic elephant in the room. To suggest that there might also be a correlation between the 'demise of men' and the rise of feminism would probably be considered a thought crime in many quarters.

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