Thursday, August 4, 2011

how to make a cornhusk doll

husk corn and set the corn aside for dinner

take three big and strong husk pieces and lay them out side by side

overlap the tops and tie together with string or twine

trim the top and then fold the three husks over and on top of each other to form a head, tying another piece of string around to make the head shape 

take another husk, roll into one long arm and tie string on each end to form hands, then weave this in between the three husks that make up the body

take another husk (or two) and wrap them around the arms and upper body to create shoulders, tie string around the waist to secure and create the stomach

leave as is if you want a girl doll with dress or separate the husks into two legs, roll and tie with string to create feet.

there you have it! a cornhusk doll!

xo m.


Ooty said...

ha =D super cool

Linda said...

This is lovely, thanks!
xo xo

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