Sunday, August 28, 2011

the rhythm of today

Like many of you out there (I'm sure), I received the most delightful pre-ordered treat in the post last week- The Rhythm of Family by Amanda and Stephen Soule.  At the park,  in bed, in the kitchen... every little moment I can get I've been devouring this beautiful book. 

Within the pages is one of the Soule's old favourites: WHO (wheat, honey, oats) bread. Amanda has the recipe posted here. North and I measured and kneaded today and out of the oven came the most delicious loaf. 

Indigo thought so too.

If you haven't the means to buy the book request a copy to be made available at your local library or if you live in Sydney, email me, I might be able to let it go out for a borrow in a few weeks.

xo m.


Shara said...

I am awaiting mine, hopefully it will be here soon!!

Tania said...

I'm waiting on mine too. That bread looks delicious!

Gaby said...

ha, i'm waiting for mine too! can't wait! x

Lauren said...

me too !! maybe thats what my post slip is for !! :) Lx

Tat said...

What a great recommendation! I'm going on holiday son and I won't be around to accept deliveries, but I added it to my wish list and I'll be doing a big book order when I come back.

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