Sunday, August 7, 2011

a sad farewell!

We've been here for almost seven weeks now and words cannot describe the joy, love, fun and rich learning we have all experienced together. I am grateful to my dear friends, brother, sister and their partners for such an amazing time together. It was so good to be home with them and to watch them play with my little ones. It's nice to be able to come home to people you haven't seen in years and start right where you left off. 

But I am forever indebted to my parents who have welcomed us into their lives everyday starting with the children's 5:45am wake up call and ending with fireside bedtime stories. We have lived, played and most definitely eaten like Kings and Queens. 

Thank you so much for everything Mum and Dad. We will miss you so much (already do!) and cannot wait to return to High Pines next summer.




xo m.

PS. Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow from Real Nappies followed by a few pre-scheduled posts this week with some of ecoMILF's favourite budgeting, menu planning and Waldorf/homeschooling resources. I'll be back here live on Friday for an Australian homecoming "this moment". 


Aussiemumbecc said...
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Aussiemumbecc said...

glad you've had a fantastic time, the photos are amazing! and is that a chipmunk? Sooo Cute!!

Looking forward to your own bed I bet....welcome home x

Rhiannon said...

I can't believe that your holiday is now over, it sounds like it was such a precious time. Definitely keeping an eye out for tomrws givaway, we have been discussing changing to cloth nappies this week, there are just far too many different ones to choose from, I honestly don't know where to start!
Hope the trip home goes smoothly,
Rhi xx

ashley said...

Have a great trip with your little munchkins. Is always bittersweet leaving home for...home;) enjoy the flights.
X Ashley

jodi said...

oh M, it looks like absolute bliss there. I adore the photo of the letterboxes! But mostly I admire you for living so far from your family and never ever complaining. You're an inspiring muma and I hope you loved being 'mothered' while you were home.

Safe travels back to Australia xxx

Ola said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful time. It has flown by, it feels like yesterday that you were going. Isn't it wonderful that we live in an age of planes, Facebook, blogs and Skype where we are able to stay in touch with our loved ones even when we live so far away from each other?

kristi said...

thinking of you as i know it will be an emotional journey home. x.

charlotte said...

what an amazing place to be, no wonder you are sad to leave. I have just spent one week with family and that was hard to say good bye, bitter sweet.

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