Tuesday, August 30, 2011

table settings for little hands

I have finally had a streak of sewing inspiration lately and it has been ever so enjoyable, even if it has meant a little less sleep than a Mama can live on.

While burning the midnight oil last week, I created these little morning tea* sacks for both Indigo and North. Inside each sack is a re-usable cloth snack bag, a placemat and napkin.

Now, when we dine at the park, we dine is style. Which is really not what it's all about, is it? But it sure puts a silly smile on my face!

xo m.

*for my North American readers- Australians call "snacktime" "morning tea" even though there generally no tea to be had... I'll admit at first I thought this was just ridiculous, but it's grown on me. It puts a certain magic and charm into this mini meal, kind of like these place settings.


Saminda said...

I think it's a wonderful idea! And picnic tables at the park are so often dirty - I may just have to borrow this idea for my own children. :)

The Provincial Homemaker said...

WHat a sweet idea. You have done a lovely job.

Tania said...

I really like this idea. Gorgeous fabric and bags. A great incentive to slow down and enjoy this little ritual.

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