Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the winter garden

Not much has been happening in our garden this winter, apart from a few fresh herbs. but a few weeks before we left for Canada we planted a bed of radishes and wen we returned we had some giant ones! North thoroughly enjoyed plucking them from the earth. Since then, we've been eating radish sandwiches, radish curry, potato and radish cakes and radish salads.

There are potatoes planted behind Indigo in this photo. Does anyone know how long we should wait until we dig them up? They've been in the earth for about 8 weeks now. I can't wait to see what we've got!

We also returned home to a whole lot of weeds- 7 weeks worth of rainy weather weeds to be exact. We spent the day on Saturday weeding, digging and fertilising. Today North and I tried our hand at planting flower seeds in the front yard. I had a few packets lying around including "cottage mix", "wildflower mix" and . A couple months ago, I was also the lucky winner of the Petit Eco Kids giveaway and won an organic seed kit from Giftboxology, so we planted rows upon rows of sunflowers in the front as well.

Fingers crossed we got it all right and we'll have some blooming colours (and giants!) starting in about 8 weeks time. The seeds have been ordered for our spring/summer veggie patch. Inspired from my parent's cottage garden we've gone all out this year and plan in planting vegetables in every space we can!

xo m.


Nadia said...

Those radishes are enormous! No idea about the potatoes though, sorry :)
I can't wait to see the riot of colour your garden will be! Beautiful.

Michelle said...

Yay go you! Plant as much as you can!

The potato plant should get about 80cm high and flower, then start to yellow off and die, that's when you can start digging up your spuds.


charlotte said...

those radishes look fantastic! I never grow enough, even when I plant in every availbale space! Enjoy the excitemant of this time year. x x x

Bess said...

I've heard radish relish is quite tasty, and you can put it up to enjoy when radishes are out of season. I've not tried it, but thought I'd pass that along anyway. :)

Brenna said...

D's father has an ENORMOUS potato patch, the greens are almost as tall as me! He says when the tops die off is the time to harvest. Love your little garden!


burlesque said...

brenna's right: the potatoes are ready when the above-ground greenery starts turning yellow and dying. love that north's wearing his canadian sweater!! x

ecoMILF said...

Thanks guys. Will post some photos of potatoes eventually! xo m.

jen @ giftboxology said...

so lovely to read that you are using your Seed Kit Co seeds that we sent you!
really want to see the sunflowers in bloom

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