Sunday, October 16, 2011

goal setting

I fell in love with goal setting and writing when I briefly worked for lululemon years ago. lululemon does an excellent job of supporting their staff with setting goals and staying motivated.

I don't goal set as regularly as I'd like to but I write up, imagine, dream and tweak my goals at least twice a year and stick them up somewhere where I can see them to keep myself accountable.

The beauty of goal setting is that it really, truly grounds your dreams in reality. You start with your wildest of dreams, your 'perfect' life and goal set to manifest those values and ideals into your life.

I usually start with writing by hand in a stream-of-consciouness style describing what I envision my life to look like in ten years: my ideal home, my family values, relationship, activities, the kids education lifestyle, travel job etc. etc. etc.

Then I split this into a few categories: physical, spiritual, career, personal and write down specific ten year goals for each category.

Then I move on to my five year goals, and then the goals I'd like to accomplish in one year.
Finally I ask myself, how are the goals I set to accomplish in one year from now going to get me that much closer to the goals I set for myself in five years? Is there any disconnect? Do they flow into one another?

The goals must be in present-tense and quantifiable and specific.

For example,
I will run a road race.
I run the Sydney City to Surf in under one hour on August 12th, 2012.

Even though I don't put as much energy into my goals as I would like to it is shocking to look back at a lot of the goals I wrote down five, four, three years ago and how much I have accomplished on my goal list! Things like- using all eco-friendly cleaning supplies, baking my own bread, gaining a livlihood from writing... these really did seem out of reach and far fetched at one point in time for me.

What about you? Do you goal set? Is it conscious or more unconscious?

If you're interested in giving it a go lululemon has a basic goal setting template that is a good starting base.

Dream the impossible dream!


Rhiannon said...

This is a great idea Meagan, and I think it might be something our family could benefit from. They just opened one of those Lululemon shops near me, it has some gorgeous clothing!

Michelle said...

I used to set a lot of goals - but got sick of not achieving - I might have a look at luluemon.

Tricia said...

I'm a huge fan of goal setting. Although I donlt usually put timelimits on them. and often I don't write them down. But I do spend loads of time visualising how I can reach that goal in my mind.

I discovered the online goal setting program via the petit pas blog recently. It looks good. I might give it a go.

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