Thursday, October 27, 2011

it was one of those days

A wet, indoor kind of day.
We stumbled through our rhythm.
Breathe in: keep calm.
Breathe out: carry on.
Two green teas were in order.
Pyjamas were worn to playgroup.
"Will I be a man when I'm seven? [No, not for a long time] Good, because I don't want hair on my bum".
I was given the evil eye on more than one occasion.

Someone discovered that high pitched shrieks are an easy way to get people to stand to attention.

Someone else decided that just-folded laundry makes an excellent patchwork tent.

Something needed to be done immediately to remedy they grumpy clouds circling over my head:

Smoothies and kale chips for dinner.
Elizabeth Mitchell's Keep on the Sunny Side.
Bubble bath at 4pm.
Cuddles, kisses, milk and a few chapters from A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh
6:30pm bedtime.
A little yoga, a cup of chamomile, a bit of crafting.
9:00pm bedtime.

Oh, and did I mention a little dip into the chocolate stash?


Rhiannon said...

Had a giggle at north not wanting to be a man!We listen to Elizabeth Mitchell too, makes for smiles here :)
Rhi xx

Elisheva said...

Wonderful day that sounds, I am inspired now to head to my own sleepy dreams. Well done for bringing them all around into the loving arms of bubble baths an dearly to beds. Supper also sounds a treat. Thanks xx E

Mama Gone Green said...

wishing you a better day tomorrow!

cassy said...

If you find a solution to the lovely vocal shrieks...please let me know! I have a 12 month old that does this all day every day for lots of reasons. The "Oh isn't she vocal" comments are very regular and the sideways looks are also a common occurence. Well done to you for remaining calm....AND still finding craft time. :)

Michelle said...

At least Noah's hairy bum comment must have been a funny point in a bad day - and one you'll probably remember forever!

Catherine Lowe said...

I agree, love that bum comment so much - who would evil eye on that! hahaha
sounds testing when your tired - ode to the green smoothie. ive been feeling a bit blah in the mornings myself, been slack with them so time for the worlds best pick me up :) best remedy ever. heres to a cruisy friday xo

oh and LOVE elizabeth - we have her cds too! i love that its kiddy music i can enjoy myself ;)
I have one called jazz for kids, mixed artists - oh my gosh it ROCKS! fun.

Looking for some new music, river also love the Animalz CD, the most at the moment! you know the toys, they have a cute cd too.

share any more whimsical stuff pleasse ;)

motherwho said...

Laughed my way through this post (with you, not at you!!!) as we all know THOSE days. You did well to muddle it out at home and as you know I would have needed more than two green teas to make it through! xo

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