Tuesday, October 18, 2011

miracles in the everyday

For a lot of stay-at-home mamas with young children life can often seem like Groundhog Day:

Wake up
Change nappy(ies), dress children
Take a load of laundry out
Put a load of laundry on
Make breakfast
Feed the children breakfast
Wash the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor
Re-dress children, change another nappy
Make snacks, clean up snacks, give children a different snack from the one you just made
Hang the two laundry loads
Get out of the house
Come home, change children, change nappy
Make lunch
Feed the children lunch
Wash the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor
Put children down for a nap
Take the laundry down
Fold the laundry
Prepare dinner
Clean up the kitchen
Tidy toys and house from a messy morning
Go to children who have now woken up
Get out of the house
Come home, change children, change nappy
Make dinner
Feed the children dinner
Wash the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor
Run the bath
Bathe the children
Moisturise, massage, brush hair and teeth, trim nails
Read books
Put children down for bed
Tidy toys, sweep, vacuum, tidy house
Start again
These are the bare bones of my day. There are rituals and rhythms that help with the flow and I didn't even include cleaning, ironing, playing, breastfeeding, errands, shopping and all the other chores that seem to seep into every waking moment of the day.

Sometimes it feels like I've really accomplished something if I blow-dry my hair or put a bit of make-up on or wear a pair of shoes that are not my Birkenstocks. Sometimes the simplest things with two kids in tow (like taking the bus to the zoo for the morning) feel emotionally and physically equivalent to running a marathon. Sometimes I wonder whether there will ever be a day when there's not porridge stuck in my hair, breastmilk stains on my t-shirt and hummus crusted onto my jeans. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever sleep through the night again, or even more earth-shattering: sleep- in past 6:15am!

But most of the time I try to remind myself of just how lucky I am to have this daily rhythm which is so deeply rooted in a place that we can call home. Amongst the dirt and the dishes and the nappies there are miracles abound: clean, fresh and hot water; abundant, organic and delicious food; heaters, blankets, soft beds and pillows; soaps, oils, fresh flowers and herbs; an endless supply of inspiring music, tea and chocolate; electronic tools in every room to make our lives clean, comfortable, fun and entertaining.

Instead of being overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of 'stuff' I have to do, I try to focus on how lucky we are to have that 'stuff' to do something with, in the first place.
In between the lines of that dry to-do list there is blessed beauty that cannot be quantified or qualified. There is laughter and joy; tears and sadness; there is learning, experiencing and growing; freedom; health; peace; space and above all else there is endless love. Love that knows no boundaries. I am so, so very grateful I am able to stay at home with my little ones, that the very foundation of their first three years is made up of motherly love. So soon they will grow up, spread their wings and fly away. But how lucky we are to have started together in this miraculous nest we have created and call home. These are the blessings I remind myself of when I get all tangled up in the monotony and then any negativity seems to transform into overwhelming gratitude.

I bow my head in wonder and give thanks for my 'everyday'.


thejadeleaf said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Meagan. So very true xx

Ola said...

Wow, that is so heartfelt and beautiful, Meagan. Thank you for sharing. xxx.

Michelle said...

You are blessed and lucky that you realise it


Steph said...

YOur post came at the absolute perfect moment! Had one of those days today myself!! Your words are inspiring as always so thank-you for making me re-evaluate. I'll start tomorrow with a new outlook.
Much love :) x

charlotte said...

motherhood is everything, the good, the bad and the ugly!

emily said...

Amen, sister.

joy said...

Beautiful words that capture motherhood! I really love this post.

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Rhiannon said...

Meagan, this is so beautiful, so true, motherhood is such a mixed bag of all emotions, but I too feel blessed that I am able to experience them all. Luv to you xx

Jen said...

So nicely put, I agree 100%.

Rochelle's Lenz said...

Gorgeous post. It is so enriching to read another mother turn what is our ground hog ish days into a beautiful pathway. Just today I was thinking how same same my days can be, and then our family had a dance session in the lounge after dinner including our dog.... lovely and how cool is it having children!

georgi said...

in the midst of feeling rather overwhelmed in my own life, I really needed to read this post - thank you so much. x

ashley said...

Days can seem like groundhog day to all mamas not just those that stay home. I thought work would change that routine but instead it is just another part of it! A new rhythm in my day.
It is so good to appreciate how many blessings we have. Loved this post. Your bubs are lucky to have such a grounded mom. X

jodi said...

it's with gratitude that our every day becomes a blessed experience x

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