Saturday, October 22, 2011

{piqued picks}

Piqued picks- a Saturday meme. Links to articles, tutorials, recipes, videos, music... that have piqued my interest this week and made my heart go pitter patter. Feel free to share anything you found inspiring or noteworthy this week in the comments section or link to your own blog's piqued picks.

Without getting into the politics too deeply, I do believe that vaccination to a certain extent is our family's social responsibilty. That said, after Indigo's recent anaphylactic scare and some other food/chemical sensitivity issues, I revisited a really helpful and informative book by Dr. Sears called The Vaccine Book before going for a consult with our holistic family doctor. The book has a wealth of information about each early childhood vaccine's ingredients, possible reactions, and the diseases and illnesses they protect against while also giving sound advice about delaying, separating and avoiding vaccines. It is not at all an anti-vaccine book, but a tool parents can use to empower themselves with the facts so that the choices they make for their children are conscious and educated.

 Now that I am feeling 'sew' adventurous- these boys cargo shorts look easy enough and very cute.

I am loving watching this challenge from afar. It's a bit more than what I've got our basic grocery budget down to. We're a family of 4 who eat about 70-80% organic/biodynamic. The two biggest keys to keeping our grocery bill down - making everything from scratch (bread, yoghurt, snacks etc.) and beans as your main protein source. Have you been following Heather's $400 grocery challenge?

Yes, I admit, I read GOOP. And I am loving this newsletter, "Spring Allergy and Detox Remedies- Chinese Medicine Style". Exactly the advice I've been looking for.

Loving the crunch, flavour and veggies in this vegan Greek Nachos recipe.

One of the many people that have inspired me - Pearl Jam on PBS- hopefully we'll get to see the whole video in Australia soon.

Love and light to you all this weekend.

xo m.
Watch Pearl Jam Twenty on PBS. See more from American Masters.


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Just found this tute on pinterest, though of you!

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Love them! And that site. Just spent way too much time browsing through. Thanks! xo m.

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