Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the spring garden

After planting out some of our homegrown seedlings a few weeks ago, our Spring garden is looking healthy and vibrant, despite the very cool weather we've been experiencing here in Sydney.

So, let me show you around this little urban garden and as always feel free to send any advice and tips this way. I learn so much every year, unfortunately mostly because of my mistakes!

In the garden this Spring we have:

Cos Lettuce

Rainbow Chard

Baby Tomatoes (Tommy Toe)

Truss Tomatoes

Golden and black zucchini

Button Squash


Broad Beans

Purple Beans

Yellow Beans






 What's in your garden in the moment? We have a tiny bit of space left after digging up the potatoes... any suggestions?


freckles said...

At the moment i'm growing silverbeet, cos lettuce, red coral lettuce, tom tom tomatoes, sugar tomatoes(i think?), carrots, broccoli and i'm lucky enough to have 2 huge mango trees and a giant avocado tree! I'm planning to plant a lime tree & a lemon tree & possibly a loquat tree soon.

Lotte said...

Poor little Indigo, how scary for her, and you!

Have you ever considered growing bananas? They are incredibly easy and ready in 18 months...

I've also just dug up some potatoes and due to the huge amount of nutrients they removed from the soil, the bed has fallen quite a bit. I planted a cover crop of various different things which I will dig in once they're about 20cm high. Then I'll get cracking with something interesting :-)

Love the blog, as always :-)

ecoMILF said...

Lotte- I never thought of bananas. 18 months always feels like a commitment because we are renting and are never quite sure where we'll end up in a year and a half... but I'll keep it in mind! xx m.

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