Sunday, November 6, 2011

in the kitchen...

It's bustling around here. Replacing old snacks with new gluten-free versions and trying to keep a little bit of dairy in our diets by switching to raw, fermented dairy products like kefir and cultured butter.

Here's a look at our busy little kitchen today:

Kefir, sitting for 48 hours before strained and chilled for drinking
Fermented carrot and ginger for a bit of a sour side dish. Delicious on top of veggie burgers, salads or rice bowls.
Vegetarian sushi rolls with wild rice, golden tofu, raw asparagus and carrot and an almond butter dipping sauce
Gluten-free cookies made with brown rice, rolled quinoa, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dried currants, honey and almonds.
Gluten-free brown rice, millet and sesame crackers.
Experimenting with making our own dairy-free chocolate. Made from cacao butter, cocoa powder, agave nectar and a few other things.
I want to make a fermented apricot butter but I've run out of whey! Will have to make up a batch of yoghurt. So satisfying have a pantry filled with healthy homemade treats and snacks!

What's been cooking in your kitchen this weekend?


Catherine said...

You have been very busy in the kitchen this weekend, it all sounds so healthy and delicious. It does feel nice to have a full pantry doesn't it especially when it's filled with all of that goodness. I've been cooking some muffins out of Amanda Soule's new book, some muesli and an apple pie this weekend. It's been nice baking up a storm for the family today. Have a wonderful week. xo

Bobbelbella said...

I just found your blog and it´s like I am in heaven - it´s a very lovely blog you have. Thank you

Vic said...

*drools* ....suuuuuuushi....

I really should make some again... but so messy!

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