Saturday, November 12, 2011

{piqued picks}

Piqued picks- a Saturday meme. Links to articles, tutorials, recipes, videos, music... that have piqued my interest this week and made my heart go pitter patter. Feel free to share anything you found inspiring or noteworthy this week in the comments section or link to your own blog's piqued picks.

How cute are these framed hankies as wall art?

This video trailer sent shivers down my spine. Would love to see this: There Once Was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho.

Having worked a small stunt at lululemon athletica myself I found this article really interesting. Although I took some good things from the experience I knew very quickly the company just wasn't for me, and questioned the disconnect between their values and ethics.

How have I not heard of James Vincent McMorrow before? His voice is breathtaking and his songs are beautiful. Thanks to my darling Brad for introducing me to this gorgeous music.


Emma Galloway said...

That doco trailer has had me in tears. Heavy heavy stuff, especially as I knew one of those killed in the Samoa tsunami. So very sad.

Emma Galloway said...

Me again! Beautiful song to Meagan :-) I think I'll have to share a few of these too! Thanks xx

Linda said...

Absolutely divine music and voice, had me in goosebumps!

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