Friday, November 18, 2011

{piqued picks}

Loving The Allergy Menu- a free recipe website that provides recipes based on your intolerances and sensitivities- perfect for the change in diet we are going through right now.

OK, I admit we're not even close to finished with the baby cot yet, but this DIY cot to kids desk idea is fabulous. Doesn't it just look amazing!?!

This tutorial on how to make your own produce bags is awesome- all you need is some thread, a needle and some old t-shirts! I think they look quite stylish.

Thinking about DIY Christmas presents. About 60% of the presents we give this year will be made by me and another 38% are handmade by another. These bath fizzies look simple enough to make and a wonderful present for any hard-working Mum in need of a time-out.

Love this video- such a good reminder! Born to Learn: Is a fun, thought-provoking series of animated films that illustrate ground-breaking new discoveries about how humans learn. Here is a sample of one from the series.


jodi said...

does your confession about the cot mean there will be more babies on the way?

Hope you're feeling important to nurture YOU X

ecoMILF said...

no no NO! I am quite happy with my pigeon pair at the moment and can't wait to start getting some time back for myself. I just mean Indi will be in it for another year and then it transforms into a toddler bed so we won't get to reuse it for a while. But I have read you have plans for many, many more- you brave woman you!

xx m.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant link. I've been looking for some engaging way of explaining this to others. Thank you.

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