Thursday, November 3, 2011

simple rice bowls

If I have left-over rice (or quinoa) in the fridge or freezer  I can always rely on rice bowls for a delicious, nutritious and speedy lunch. Steam some veggies, shred some raw veg, fry up some cubed tofu, roast some seeds and make a simple sauce. This is the most satisfying mid-afternoon meal.

Warm up brown rice
Steam or blanch sliced carrots and/or chopped broccoli and/or green beans and place on top of rice
Pan-fry cubed tofu until golden on all sides  and place on top of veggies
Place grated carrot and/or apple and/or radish on top and place on top of tofu
Sprinkle dry roasted seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, chia) on top of grated veg

Make simple peanut or garlic ginger sauce and pour on top.

Also delicious with homemade gomashio sprinkled on top.

Simple peanut sauce
3 tbs peanut butter
2 tbs tamari
2 cm cube grated ginger
water of you want a thinner consistency

Stir or shake until well combined.

Simple ginger and garlic sauce
1 clove grated garlic
2 cm cube grated ginger
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp vinegar (rice vinegar is best here)
2 tbs tamari

Stir or shake until well combined.
Pictured here: 
brown rice with steamed broccoli, grated radish, roasted sesame seeds and peanut sauce.


Nicole said...

That looks fantastic. Absolutely :)

Sunshine Mama said...

Thank you for sharing this!! I really enjoy pan fried tofu, I just don't make it often enough. (as in almost never). I love that you gave 2 sauce recipes to try and how it's easy to change the recipe by changing the veggies. I'm going to have this for lunch today :)

ruby and levi said...

Can you let us know what brand/s of tofu you use? I've found it tricky to find one I really love!
Thanks - this looks deeeelish.

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