Monday, November 7, 2011

a spring song for circle time

These little birdy finger puppets were a breeze to sew up and have provided lots of Springtime fun.
After our morning song and an oral story we take these birds out and sing/chant this verse:
I can see a mama bird flying to her nest
Feeding all her little ones then they take a rest
She spreads her wings to keep them warm,
And to guard them from all harm
Wings to shelter from the sun
Even the wriggly littlest one!
Wings to dry them from the rain
Yes, little birds. it's Spring again!


Ola said...

Just beautiful. You are so clever!

Angie said...

So sweet.

MIla said...

Love it! I would like to take this idea for my circle time, may I? It just amazing!

Meagan said...

Yes yes! It's not mine to give!

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