Tuesday, December 13, 2011

for the love of reading...

It's moments like these that I rejoice in raising my children tv-free. Amidst the morning chores- sweeping, laundry, cleaning the dishes... they independently toddled over to their reading corner to read a book. These reading sessions are often initiated by Indigo with North soon following her lead and staying curled up in front of a book much longer than her.

Neither of them can really read. As you can see Indigo has a very simple picture book that she is reading upside down and I'm not sure Winnie the Pooh constitutes quality reading. But deeper inside this picture I see (what I hope is) the beginnings of a passion for reading. Books instill and foster the desire to learn, absorb, escape, imagine, dream and wonder.

I'm not saying children who watch TV or play on their parents iPhones or iPads don't read books, but I do wonder how often this precious time is replaced with a screen, without parents even being aware of the switch.

Sitting still, quietly, focusing and enjoying the wonder of book is something that needs to be practiced and I fear that too many children today are denied the chance to practice reading as often as they might like if given half the chance.

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sar said...

Good on you. I really think it is so important to give your children a good grounding in how to amuse themselves with simple pleasures like books, simple wooden stoys etc. One thing at a time, and as simple as possible, to foster good concentration skills and imaginations.

It's so easy to choose whatever will work to calm a crying child as soon as possible, and then get caught in a trap when they only want that thing to amuse them the next time, and the next time, etc. Like you say, it takes practise to get to the point in this picture!


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