Thursday, December 22, 2011

from him to her with love

About 60-70% of the gifts we are giving this year are handmade- preserves, peppermint and cranberry-orange bark, gingerbread cookies, clothing, costumes and small soft toys- to name a few. 

I wanted to get North involved in the gift-giving process. He made Dada a pen and pencil holder out of glass, tissue paper and glue; he helped make ornaments for friends and family; helped me bake in the kitchen and most beautiful of all he strung together a felted ball necklace to give to his sister. Originally I intended for him to wet felt the balls, but time without Indigo around and in the thick of it is sparse so instead I needle felted the balls one evening and North strung them together the following day. 
He's very proud of all the gifts he makes and gives, but when Christmas comes and he hands Indi this little present I just know it will be a very special moment between. I look forward to seeing it soon.


Angie said...

My heart just melted a little. You have a very sweet boy!

cpcable said...

What a little sweetheart! It's so wonderful that he's learning the joy of making and of giving.

kristi said...

awesome. x

Rhiannon said...

Such a cutie, and such deep concentration! x

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