Sunday, December 18, 2011

homemade salt dough ornaments

These salt dough ornaments have been a real work in progress. One day was spent simply making the salt dough and playing with it, another was spent cutting out shapes and drying them slowly in the oven. We finally painted a few and strung them up on our tree. There are still many left- I thought I'd like to paint a few myself in a moment of quiet and solitude. That moment hasn't revealed itself yet, but I am happy to safe keep the blank ones in a box until next year. 

For a basic salt dough recipe see this past post. I decreased the amount of oil and increased the salt called for to ensure they are dry and preserved for a long time.

Bake the shapes in an oven at 150-160˚C for at least an hour. Then flip them over and bake for another hour until dry all the way through. Let them cool and then paint!

In anticipation of the question- our adorable Santa candle is from Queen B Candles. He's been a jolly and festive addition to the kitchen table this month.


Maxabella said...

Just so cute and a lovely project for the small ones. Merry Christmas to you! x

Emma Galloway said...

They are beautiful Meagan! I wish we had more time this year to make some, maybe next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family, lotsa love xx emm

lovestitches said...

I made some with a little boy last Christmas and kept a few for my own tree. I still haven't decorated them but they are full of memories as they are. He was a little confused that we were baking something we couldn't eat though!

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