Wednesday, December 28, 2011

our summer urban garden

There's a whole lot happening in our summer urban garden. Unfortunately, the zucchini and yellow squash I planted from seed flourished in the beginning, but became too waterlogged from all of the Sydney rain. The male and female flowers just weren't working together and we ended up with a lot of tiny, stunted, slightly yellow fruit. In the end we decided to pull all of the plants to make room for some other veggies (which I have yet to plant...).

The yellow and purple beans (both of which taste just like green beans, and turn green when you steam of blanch them, but are fun just the same) are almost at the end of their fruition. Notice the green tomatoes in this photo, picked early courtesy of Indigo. She's really a great help, as you can see!
There are tons of tomatoes! I took the lazy man's method to raising tomatoes- don't pick the stems and train the plant... just add more stakes and pin up all the vines that grow! One of our plants is taller than the fence going over to our neighbours and has 25-30 tomatoes on it right now. 
We also have lots of silver beet and rainbow chard left over from the winter months, along with some cos lettuce, endives and kale. Our herb garden is also bountiful, except for the basil which I still can't seem to keep away from the slugs. They leave every other herb alone and always go straight for the basil!
And at the side of the house next to the garbage bins (!) appeared a beautiful Hydrangea in flower. I just couldn't let those beautiful blooms go to waste sitting in a corner where no one can enjoy them, so we have been cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy in vases around the house. 

How's your garden growing this summer? Have you had some successes and some failures? Any green thumb tips you have to share? And what does one do with green tomatoes? I'd love to know, as I have a sneaking suspicion there will be more to come over the next few months!


Seaside Siblings said...

Looks amazing! Nothing better than eating freash from your own garden. We have just been away for 2 weeks and all or vegies died except our tomato plant :(

evie dear said...

there's not much you can do with just a couple of green tomatoes! At the end of last years tomatoes season I stripped the dying bushes of a huge basket of green tomatoes & turned them into 'green tomato pickles'!!

Tori said...

I came up with a green tomato soup recipe as we had loads of green tomatoes too - My mum made a green tomato and ginger jam which was really nice! I'm so pelased to see you have hydrangeas, we have them here and I thought I would miss some of the flowers from home when we come to Aus so that's really cheered me up!

Karina said...

The slugs went for my basil seedlings too, but I now have some growing well in a tallish (40-50cm high) pot.

I also left an old kale plant (that needed to be pulled out) nearby that the slugs eat at, kind of using it as a decoy so they leave the basil alone! Has worked so far...good luck and well done on your lovely harvest.

Emma Galloway said...

Your garden sounds great! We have just moved house so we were forced to up-root our entire vege garden to pots and pull out all our tomatoes... I now have 3 boxes full of green tomatoes! I had planned to make pickled green tomatoes and green tomato chutney out of them but haven't found the time yet and they are ripening up nicely in the box in the sun anyways, so we are eating ripe red tomatoes now :-) Happy new year to you and your family xx

Nic said...

The same thing hapened to our zucchinis last year (sydney as well)... and this year it's happenng to the cucumbers : ( our tomatoes get brought up the lazy way as well, with tall sticks in the ground everywhere for these sprawling plants to climb all over. seems to work well.

happy growing! Hope summer arrives soon : )

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