Tuesday, January 31, 2012

waldorf inspired rhythm for a 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old

The last time I posted our weekly rhythm I got a lot of interest, emails and questions so I thought I'd show you our newer schedule that went into effect yesterday! 


clean-up, get dressed
morning song
bushwalk or park
alphabet, reading, 
North Pre-school
North Pre-school
Indi Playgroup
ironing, errands, shops
home play

storytelling and sleep
bake bread, counting, adding, subtracting 
gardening in  the yard
painting, pasting, cutting, saltdough
pick North up
pick North up
eliza- backyard
quiet play, dinner prep. sparkle story
eliza- backyard
quiet play, dinner prep. sparkle story
quiet play, dinner prep. sparkle story
bath and brush teeth, cut nails, brush hair, pjs
storybook- 2 each
7 Indi to bed and blessing, 730 North to bed and blessing

Much of what we do is the same (see here for details about mandarin, counting, storytelling etc.) but there are a few changes- Eliza is our amazing babysitter and she is coming twice a week in the afternoons to help with the kids while I get a bit of work done. Being without any family (neither Brad's nor mine) here in Sydney has been tolling on me, especially since Brad works late and often six days a week. Although I have made some amazing and reliable friends they have their own families to care for. Having an extra pair of helping hands has been such a relief to me. Eliza is currently studying at the Sydney Rudoph Steiner College to become a teacher, and is a former Steiner student herself, so it's even nicer to have a carer that is like-minded and that we can trust and who they children love. 

This time I didn't add in the bits of housework I do throughout the week: A load of laundry almost every day, a vacuum every other, some dusting here and there and kitchen cleaning all the time! I mostly fit that kind of work in when the children are napping.

And while on the topics of sleep.... they both nap at around 1230/1 everyday, although it is getting harder to settle North at a reasonable time when he has had a big nap so I don't push it if he doesn't want to sleep (he is 3 1/2). 

They both go down for their evening sleep reasonably well as long as all their bedtime rituals are done in a calm and timely manner. BUT they share a room. And if any of my lovely readers have any advice about young children sharing rooms I'd love to hear from you. I still demand feed Indi at night which is fine as she only wakes once or twice naturally. But for the past few months North has been waking up almost every single night and calls out (he says he's too scared to come into our bedroom) and 9 times out of 10 wakes Indigo up. All he needs is a bit of a cuddle but when he wakes her up she expects to be fed (again!). Then there is a whole parade of musical beds, they wake each other up a few times more and by morning Brad and I are beside ourselves exhausted between getting up for Indi's regular feeds, comforting North and resettling Indi who's been woken up numerous times.

Is this something I just have to wait out? Do any of you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

Only a few more sleeps until my baby starts school! I just can't believe it!


sar said...

I only have one bub, so no tips for you on the two bubs sharing a room situation, but i can imagine it's hard considering how much ours wakes up when we just get into bed, or toss and turn in our sleep (she's in a cot next to our bed).

Speaking of sleep i would love to hear about your experiences with feeding to sleep (do you still feed Indi to sleep?). It doesn't work for me anymore so i feel like i spend my life patting and shushing. how did you transition from feeding to sleep to however-you-currently-get-them-to-sleep with North (and Indi if you don't feed her to sleep anymore).



Natalie said...

I also have two kids sharing the one room, my son is almost 4 and my daughter is 21 months old. My son uses a press button battery powered portable night light from Ikea. It is quite small, about 7cm diam and has soft led lights. The light is designed to be used inside cupboards or to stick underneath shelves, but it is perfect as a kids nightlight! Whenever my son wakes he knows to press it on and then he doesn't feel afraid of the dark, the light is not bright so it does not wake up my daughter and the batteries last ages as it is led. My daughter rarely wakes at night unless she is cold, she has a bottle of milk before bed and it keeps her full all night.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am loving it!! Our now 2yo and 4yo were in the same room from the time our 2yo was 4-5mo. Our 4yo has always been an awesome sleeper so disturbing each other wasn't too much of a problem but we did find that through certain stages i.e growth spurts (which seemed to happen for them both at the same time and left them both unsettled) it helped to switch on either a classic cd or white noise for the night. We'd wait til they were asleep so it didn't become a sleep prop and yeah it just seemed to help when they were both restless and sleeping lightly, it covered the noise of the other I guess?? HTH :)

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