Friday, February 24, 2012

carving a space for me

Although I have never been a morning person, I am determined to carve a space for myself in the wee hours before anyone in the house stirs. It's always been difficult to do this- I have early risers- the entire house is in full swing by 6:15 most mornings. So, to get a good hour of peace and quiet I need to be out of bed at 5. Now that Indigo is officially sleeping through the night (insert the sound of angels singing!) I feel I finally have the energy and motivation to wake up and greet the day while the sun is still coming up.

The plan is to do any of the following things during my hour or so of peace:
drink tea
blog plan and write
menu plan
update and review to do list
review calendar
listen to the news/radio
read the paper
practice yoga
go for a walk (in the lighter months)
set goals, write down ideas/inspiration
have a long bath or shower and pamper myself
put a load of laundry on

I am going to try to avoid these tasks:
(simply because I can do them either the night before or while the children are playing before breakfast)
write/read emails
pack lunches
start breakfast
surf Facebook
hang laundry
fold clothes

I find I am so much more calm, present and graceful throughout the day if I allow myself the time to start with inner reflection and a quiet cup of tea. 


mamatribe said...

sounds good. My morning Yoga practice is very very sporadic and it bothers me greatly. I think I need to just get up and get on with it. I like your list - and like you need to be mindful not to let precious 'me' time drift into things like Facebook and other what I deem 'draining' pottering around.


Anonymous said...

sounds great, what time do you get to sleep at to be up for 5am? Bee

Liz said...

I used to be a huge morning person and, realistically, still function best pre-noon. However, my 17 month old still wakens now and then and my sleep feels like it's forever 'catching up', even on the nights shes more settled. Hmm..maybe I need to just bite the bullet to reap the benefits it would hold for me. Have become very aware of the Facebook surf trap-I'm awful for it :-/

Julie said...

Hi Meagan. I have just given you a blog award. Check it out at:
Have a great weekend xxoo Julie

jen @ giftboxology said...

hi meagan,
i just wanted to say that i was having difficulties accessing your bread recipes, i tried yesterday and i thought it might have been because i was using my iPad but have tried again now on the laptop and i dont seem to be having success.
not sure if it is at my end or because of the domain name change?
warm regards,
p.s. i love reading your blog and putting some of your great ideas into action. how did you go with the Seed Kit Co. seed kit that i sent you? we are currently enjoying some of the tomatoes!

Rhiannon said...

I have to say that this is so early! I have been very lucky and most days start at 7am in this house. Not sure how this happened, but my brain now thinks of anything before 7am as almost the middle of the night! I think for the past 18months or so, whenever Cooper woke before 7am, he came into my bed for snuggles, and most often fell back asleep.
Oh how my life will change (yet again) when our baby comes!
I know I will have to keep in mind getting up before the kiddies rise, or I may never make it to the shower!
x Rhi x

Meagan said...

Bee- 10. Latest in order to feel rested enough. xx m.

Jen- will have a look. thanks for flagging that.

Alison said...

I have always clung to my bed in the mornings, trying to wring the last drops of sleep from the night, before the tribe awakes. But I decided to abandon my bed when the birds started to sing this morning, an hour after my babe had crawled in to be fed. With this post in mind I made a pot of tea and wandered downstairs to sew as the sun came up over the forest. It was the perfect start to the day and I had new pants made to brighten the faces of my boys when they crawled out of bed an hour later. Thank you. x

Heather said...

I have been working on getting up earlier as well. My kids are also early risers, and my youngest doesn't quite sleep through the night...I have been getting up between 4 and 4:30am the past 6 weeks, and although it was totally ridiculous at first, it has become part of my routine and I tend to wake up before my alarm. Of course, this means I want to fall into bed at 8pm...and sometimes do go to sleep with my kids, but I feel much better throughout the day having that time to myself.

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