Monday, February 27, 2012

homemade natural cream cleanser

Lately, our poor little refrigerator has been threatened with warnings of gumtree classified ads. Brad often complains that it is too small and that we need to get a new one. I agree, it is tiny, and really not ideal for a family but it has served us well over the years and I hate to give up on something that is functioning perfectly well.  To me, it still looks new (other than a few cracks here and there). I have mentioned before that I am a bit obsessive about keeping a clean house and the fridge is no exception. It is casually wiped down once a week and meticulously cleaned once every three. 

Here's how we keep our beloved fridge shiny:

¼ cup bicarb soda
1/2 cup hot water
6 drops essential oil (I usually use peppermint)

Mix all 3 ingredients together to form a (very) wet paste
Scrub the paste into the entire refrigerator including drawers and sides (you may wish to remove these to make things easier)
Rinse with a wet cloth until clean

This can serve as a multi-purpose cream cleanser for stovetops, sinks and appliances. Just scrub on and then wipe clean. You can also wipe clean with vinegar for a very finished shine.


Julie said...

Thanks for this Meagan. I use bicarb, vinegar and hot water to clean these areas, but I hadn't thought of adding essential oils. I think it would make the job a little more enjoyable with the nice scent. xxoo

Angie said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder. I think. My fridge needs a good scrubbing...something I've been avoiding. Our fridge isn't "big" (by most people's standards), but I still feel like I'm wasting so much energy when I have to keep the door open so long to clean it out.

Can I claim "energy-awareness" as the reason I'm not cleaning my fridge? Is that allowed? :)

W-S Wanderings said...

Yes, thank you for the suggestion of the essential oils. Hadn't thought of that. It would be a great additon.

Eco Friendly Guy said...

I love your recipe for cleaning. Steam is another eco friendly way to clean and sanitize and there are a lot of new steamers out there in the market now.

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