Thursday, February 23, 2012

a salad each day

One of the intentions I set when I started Heather's Whole Food Kitchen was to increase the number of vegetables I eat in a day. I know I probably eat more veg than most, but I personally saw room to replace crackers, snacks and smoothies with greens and raw vegetables. Some mornings we have avocado and tomato with our eggs, others we have a whole selection of veggies piled into our omelette, and sometimes I make smoothies for breakfast using a handful of kale or spinach. But lunch is usually slim pickings for me. I am tired, the kids are napping and I just want to start prepping dinner and maybe answer a few emails before they're up and at full speed again. I don't usually have 'lunch', I just kind of nibble here and there on a piece of cheese, a few crackers and some fruit (leftovers are always given to kids or Brad and there just never seem to be enough!). 

But I have turned over a new leaf I tell you: salads!

Quick, easy, nutritious and different everyday.

On today's menu:
toasted hazelnuts
a touch of roquefort
grated carrot
olive oil and apple cider vinegar

It hit the spot with a cup of tea (my new favourite- Bengal Spice from Celestial Seasons- oh my it's sweet without sugar!) and a piece of dark chocolate.

Isn't it lovely to treat yourself kindly?


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing Meagan. Speaking of chocolate, I just made the most delicious Chocolate Smoothie using cacao powder. You can view it at:

jen @ giftboxology said...

i love lunch salads now!
i used to think salads were a diet food or something boring, now i don't.
on monday night i made up a big moroccan chickpea salad that did my husband and i for lunch for two days. i didn't realise until i was eating it yesterday that it was vegan too.
my baby tried her first chickpea and piece of spinach from my salad yesterday.
i'm here looking up your bliss ball recipe, i finally bought myself a food processor on the weekend and i want to give them a go!

Madkap said...

How good is the Bengal Spice! We have trouble finding it so whenever we stumble across it we buy up big - so lovely in winter at night too!

ruby and levi said...

Thanks for the bengal spice tip! Bought some (at woolworths!!) this week and can't get enough....keep looking at the ingredients and wondering how they sneak that sweetness in there!

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