Tuesday, February 21, 2012

summer urban garden

Our summer garden has only just started to really produce after a very slow and wet start this year in Sydney. We've already enjoyed green and purple beans as well as heaps of swiss chard, herbs, lettuce and a few eggplants. A while back we planted a few new veggies just for fun. I love to keep this urban garden interesting. It's as much a learning experience as it is a taste experience, if not more so. Here's what's new in the backyard:

Finally! Success with planting basil from seed... not sure what I did differently other than feed the soil some worm wee.
 Rocket. Delicious and peppery. Perfect with pear and parmesan cheese.
 More green tomatoes. I am pretty sure I can't just blame my little one for picking these before they're ready. The birds seem to have found the plants... looks like we might need nets... ? Anyone have advice on this?
 Celery just starting. I love chopped celery in soups, the leaves for stock or cut up with a slab of almond butter for a snack.
 Corn! Never tried this before, but it's working! I can actually see where the corn is forming in the middle of the stalks and the silks are starting to peek through. No idea when they'll be ready to harvest. Something to google.

 The cucumbers are starting to poke through. I trained them to grow upwards because they were trying to choke the corn and they are loving all the afternoon sun along the fence.

 Chilli. Poor North had a bad lesson with these spicy chills the other day. Since then they've been moved out of reach.
 The herb garden: oregano, thyme, parsley, sage, rosemary, chives and basil. I'd love to have some coriander in there but the seeds I planted weren't successful.
How is your garden growing right now?


Angie said...

Oh thank you for posting these pictures. Here, it's very grey and cold and rainy (possibly turning to snow later today) and it was so nice to get a reminder that somewhere, things are warm and green and growing. :)

Liz said...

I agree with Angie-I live in the Scottish highlands, but am an Aussie. So nice to see the sun again :)

Stacey said...

Your garden looks wonderful, ours is in teh starting stage again after moving from Sydney to Brisbane but it's lot's of fun setting up again.

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