Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tutorial: beatrix potter inspired mouse

When we went out bushwalking recently we came home with pockets full of nature's treasures and I had crafting in mind. The She-Oak (Casuarina) cones were just calling to be made into small forest creatures.

North has been thoroughly enjoying our set of classic Beatrix Potter stories every evening. One of his favourite tales is that of Mrs. Tittlemouse who becomes very cross when a bumblebee and toad make quite a mess of her usually very clean home.

And so, a little tiny, Beatrix Potter inspired, bonnet-wearing mouse was born.

Felt- for bonnet, nose and ears
a She-Oak (Casuarina) Cone
pink embroidery thread
glue and glue gun
thread and needle

Cut a small triangle out and glue or sew her little bonnet on
Sew two little round ears on top of the bonnet
Glue a black nose to her front
Plait (braid) some pink thread and glue it to her bottom

Later on in the evening I made a bumblebee with yellow strips  of felt that I glued onto the cone and two white round pieces of felt for wings. I think there are many more animals where this came from...


sar said...

that is so, so cute!

jen @ giftboxology said...

hi meagan,
just wanted to say that i took your advice and purchased some Bengal Spice tea this afternoon. put the kids to bed, just sat down and took my first! it is seriously delicious, i wasn't expecting it to taste almost chocolately.
thanks for the tip. i love trying new herbal teas. i think i'll be buying this regularly now.

warm regards,


p.s. i still cant access any of your archival posts by clicking on the links (am i the only one having such difficulties?)

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