Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tutorial: easy, colourful, magical, handmade tealights

glass jars if varying sizes- we used some old babyhood jars we had lying around (I have a problem letting go of glass jars. I keep and hoard them like a madwoman!)
coloured tissue paper (eco-tip: have a little box somewhere to store tissue paper that comes with gift wrapped presents that you are given throughout the year)
clear drying glue or like- we used hodgepodge as it is our kiddy wet glue of choice 

tear the tissue paper into small pieces- don't worry too much about size or shape
put glue onto jars and tissue paper and press on to create a colourful stained glass look
let them dry
pop tea lights in and light

We made something similar for Brad at Christmas only called it a pencil holder for his desk at work. I like the look of the candles burning in the jars though, as it gives the colours depth and magic.


Rochelle's Lenz said...

We love our tealight candles glowing in our tissue covered jars too. Such a wonderful craft for little ones to create. Ours were first created to celebrate Matariki, and this post is a wonderful reminder to grace our table with more to celebrate "little sisters" welcome to the family table in her high chair.

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

So beautiful! :) I love it!

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