Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tutorial: make your own natural home remedy box

We have a little wooden bowl filled with home remedies ranging from essential oils to homeopathic remedies to simple lollies that are sure to make any disaster just that wee bit sweeter.

Some of the remedies were purchased in a kit from The Red Tent Health Centre after attending their Natural Kids First Aid Course (which I highly recommend). Others are essentials I have come to know and love on my mothering journey.

In Our Natural Home Remedy Box:
Tea Tree Oil- to stop the itch of bug bites, as an antiseptic

Lavender Oil- applied directly to the skin to heal and soothe burns, for calming massages and rubs when there has been an upset

Arnica drops for bumps, bruises and strains, shocks, falls and sores

Arnica gel to apply on bumps, bruises and strains

Weleda Homeopathic Cold and Flu Pillules- effective for adults too at the onset of a cold or flu

Calms Forte- sleeplessness, traveling long distances in the car or by plane 

Pulsatilla- for green/yellow mucus, clinginess, separation anxiety, stress, crying

Arconite- coughs, wheezing, fear, mental restlessness

Belladonna- for fever, teething sunburn, over heating

Bach Rescue Remedy- for transitions, stress, stabilising emotions, calming- I use this if we're going to do something new (school, playgroup, outing) and I know the children are a bit excited and axioms about it

An lavender eye pillow for Mama enforced 'quiet time' 

A Tiger Warmer- click the link to find out more, basically an acupressure tool that works wonders for behaviour, sickness, immunity etc.

Naturally coloured lollipops for brave little souls who need a bit of a pick me up and change of perspective

Others things we usually have in the kit and need to restock:
Aloe vera gel for burns and minor wounds, 

Calendula salve for scratches and other wounds that need healing, 

Chamomilla for it's calming effects, ease of teething, sleeping, colic, eczema

Chinese Cough Medicine for the really bad coughs and colds

Manuka Honey Cough Syrup for coughs and sore throats that aren't as severe

Bandaids- are usually in my bag or purse for immediate use along with a few other things 

Natural Indigo Cream from our Chinese Medical Doctor- works miracles for eczema

Do you have a natural first aid kit/box? If so, we'd love to hear what you have in it!

Would LOVE to hear...

Disclaimer- I am not, nor claiming to be a health professional in any way. Always seek advice from your preferred practitioner before using any kind of chemical or natural medication on yourself or your child.


Mama maakt said...

In my purse I always carry arnica gel, calendula cream and bandaids. Especially arnica has saved my children from a LOT of bruises from falling or bumping things when just learning to walk.

At home I have lavender oil, teatrea oil, bandaids, chamomille for tummy aches (for tea and compresses, is this the right word, I'm a Dutchie), cough syrup with a special very little cup, a heart shaped rosequarts to hold while in pain, tweezers, wild silk sewed bags for union ear compresses, aloe vera gel for burns and a tube of green clay. The green clay comes in very handy with dirty abrasions. Apply a think layer and it pulls the dirt out. Just rinse with lukewarm water when dried and reapply a thin layer. I leave it to dry then, and it's an immediate crust, no dirt can come back in when playing again.

Also I always make sure I have lemons at home in case of a high fever.

Liz said...

I loved reading this-my family and I are trying very hard to make the transition to only natural with as much as we can-I will be using some ideas from both yourself, Meagan, and Mama maakt :) Especially interested in the green clay!

John said...

Since my side reaction to antibiotics i have moved to natural remedy whenever possible.and day by day i get so many surprises it unbelievable.Now i have got myself a remedy box at home and thanks to you.

Mama Whiteelk said...

love this! Hope you don't me linking to it :)

Rochelle's Lenz said...

Just this last week I have been the small collection of natural remedies in our first aid cupboard. This post and the comments above have been so useful - thank you. I did not realise pulsitilla could be effective for those symptoms other than anxiety, green clay sounds useful so will have to track that down. Our family favs are arnica, rescue remedy and I am in the process of finishing a calendula salve we have made. Olive oil drops for ears at times of infection we also use.
Thanks again.

Fran said...

love this idea! I swear by arnica cream for toddler bumps and bruises. Teething tablets are another must-have for us.

Jess said...

This is great! I just 'pinned' it so I can get some of these things for our kit! We don't currently have a 'kit' per se, just stuff we always keep around the house in case they are needed. I make a great cough syrup from slippery elm powder, raw honey and cinnamon. You can also make losengez with it. We always have raw garlic for 'flu' tea. It works for anything bacterial and has raw garlic, ginger, lemon and raw honey in hot water. We also have cayenned to stop bleeding from cuts and a vast array of homeopathics in our cabinet. I always keep echinacea, elderberry and camilia teething liquid! Can't wait to try some of these! Maybe you said this....but what is the cinnamon for???

Meagan said...

That's not cinnamon it's tiger warmer burning sticks. - a bit like incense.

glad you're enjoying the list. i love homemade lozenges- yum! xo m.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meagan, Just wondering about a couple items in your home remedy kit.. the Pulsatilla, Arconite and Belladonna that you mention.. Where did you get these from, as I'd love to track them down to have on hand for our home kit..
So much inspiration on this post to simplify things in the medicine cupboard.
Thanks, katie

Meagan Wilson said...

Hi Katie, The ones pictured are from The Red Tent in Bondi- but now we get most of our homeopathic things from Harbord Homeopathy You can get some stuff from chemists but try to find the 30C as opposed to 15C. xx m.

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