Tuesday, March 20, 2012

weekending- part two


After hours upon hours of heavy rainfall, Father Sun finally shone his rays for just enough hours to gather up some deliciously sweet and crunchy apples. Fun was had by big and small alike. North took his picking quite seriously, Indigo got into a pear groove near the end, and Brad was very, very busy tasting all the wares (being the Simple Simon that he is, he felt quite ill after eating so many apples!).

PS. I don't know if you've noticed that there's someone always missing from our family photo albums, but I have: No photos of me! My automatic focus on the camera is broken and taking it in to be fixed is on the great big 'to do list' but in the meantime no one else knows how to use the camera with enough speed to capture me and the kids in one of those very brief moments in front of the lens. I'll rejoin the three of them someday soon!


Rhiannon said...

These photos are just beautiful Meagan. I am loving seeing more 'family' posts on the new look blog. Indi is getting so big now!
Looks like it was a beautiful weekend away, much needed for you all to recover!
Take care, Rhi xxxx

thejadeleaf said...

Sounds like you need to see Mr Tim Coulson x

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