Sunday, April 8, 2012

time and transformation

We've been working through some fevers and chills in these parts; decorating more eggs; lining Easter baskets with wool for the bunny; sleeping and recovering and preparing for a big week ahead. This week I will go out into the world and leave my little ones at home with a dear and trusted friend, as well as the loving care of their father. This is a huge step for me- I have never spent more than 6 hours without North nevermind my little Indigo. I will be gone for four days at an intensive Waldorf Education retreat. I am doing the Distance Learning course in Steiner Waldorf Education (to become a Waldorf Steiner Teacher). The retreats occur twice a year over the two year course duration. I am filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety as I try to make those four days as smooth as possible for everyone. I am looking forward to rediscovering a side of myself I haven't been in touch with for 3 and 1/2 years. I know when I arrive back home I will have a new sense of love, peace, appreciation and patience for my children.

Of course, Easter is foremost in their minds and Sparkle Stories are gifting everyone and anyone big and small a free Easter Story to enjoy together this weekend. Although it's a 'secular' tale, it captures the themes of love and loss no matter which hemisphere you are celebrating in. It’s called  “Elijah’s New Home”, and it tells the story of Peter and his beloved dog, Elijah.  This story offers a way into the true Easter story, by telling a tale of the love and loss (and enduring life) of one devoted dog. They suggest it be for children ages 6 and up as any loss of a loved one, no matter how bitter sweet, can be intense for younger children. You can download it for free here.

Wishing you all a beautiful and transformative Easter weekend. I won't be back on the site until April 16th. Until then, blessings, peace and gratitude to you all. Happy Easter!

xo m.


Catherine said...

Enjoy the time away that you are having to learn although I imagine it will be hard for you at the same time to leave your little ones. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family Meagan. I visit often I am sorry I don't always leave a message but I so enjoy coming by and being inspired by your space always. x

jodi said...

Oh M, I'm thrilled that you are on the path to becoming a Steiner teacher. How incredibly perfect you are for such a beautiful role.

I hope you take these words with you as you journey on your retreat:

"I am here now; now I am here." x

Lauren said...

Wow! excting, fun, scary, worried.. all of the above!! lucky you! but I know how you feel!! I'm heading away for 2 nights and my partner has my parents here too and I still worry how the kids will be! I'm sure they will be fine and I keep getting reminded that its good for them to be with another adult -especially their dad. ok, so her hair probably won't be brushed and she'll be wearing whatever -but as long as it is seasonally appropriate (warm!) they'll survive.
and congrats on your decision to follow the waldorf path! very inspiring!! :) I do hope you can do some sharing on your blog!
enjoy your time away, they'll be right there in your heart with you,

Rhiannon said...

That is so great to hear! I can just imagine you as a Steiner teacher, it sounds wonderful.
Best of luck for the time away from the kiddies, I can imagine it will be hard at times.
Rhi x

kristi said...

i am completely cheering you on. x

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