Wednesday, April 4, 2012

an Australian Easter Bunny Story

It's hard to find an Easter Story appropriate for the preschooler that also has some Australian themes. This is one we have been using for two years now and North absolutely adores it.

Adapted (depending on the props we had available) from a story given to me in a handout at an "Autumnal Workshop" run by Ebba Bodome. Author unknown.

An Australian Easter Bunny Story
Once upon a time there was a Mother bunny who had seven little bunny children (and two bunny babies). One clear Autumn day she said to her children, "I wonder who will be the Easter bunny this year?" "Me! Me! Me!", they all cried at the same time, but the Mother said, "Hush now. The one who can bring their Easter egg safely to the children's garden and who can hide it well in the grass, will be the Easter bunny this year."
The first bunny took the pink egg. He hopped over the bridge, ran through the bush and came straight to the children's garden. There was a tall strong wall all around the garden. The bunny made a big jump, but he jumped too high and when he landed on the other side the pink egg had broken. 
When the Mother saw the broken egg she said, "You will have to wait a little longer until you can be the Easter bunny."

The next bunny took the blue egg. He hopped over the bridge and into the bush. High up in a tree a bird sat in her nest. When he saw the bunny with the egg she called out, 'Give me the egg, give me the egg!". Before the bunny knew what was happening to him the bird had flown down and taken the egg in her beak and had carried it up to the nest. When the Mother heard about this she said, "You will have to wait a little longer too".
The third bunny took the purple egg and hopped over the bridge and into the bush. There he met a bunny friend who said, "Let's wrestle and play a little while". Before long they had wrestled and played, rolling along the ground until they rolled right over the purple egg and broke it!.

The Mother bunny was not pleased about this and she gave the next egg to the fourth bunny. This was a chocolate egg. The bunny carried the egg over the bridge and into the bush. Who was waddling in the farmyard next door (or bushland)? It was a big fat pig (or wombat). "Please let me fast just a little bit of the chocolate egg," he asked. Well, the pig licked a bit and the bunny licked a bit, and the pig licked a bit more and the bunny licked a bit more... until they realised, they had eaten all of the egg! When the bunny came home with a ring of chocolate around his little whiskers the Mother said, "You will have to wait a little longer too until you can be the real Easter bunny."
The next bunny took the orange egg. On the middle of the bridge he looked down into the water watching the little fishes swimming merrily to and fro. Rolllll... Plop! The egg fell out of the bunny's paws and into the water and floated down the river. He surely could not be the Easter bunny either.
The second last bunny had fallen asleep in the Easter basket, so he had missed his turn.
The last and oldest bunny took the deep, green egg. He hopped over the bridge and he did not look down into the river. He hopped into the bush and when the fat pig came and begged for the egg, he said, "I have no time, I have something very important to do" And hopped on. He met another bunny friend who wanted to play, but this bunny said, "I have no time, I have something very important to do". When the bird called from the nest, "Give me the egg!" the bunny held onto his deep green egg tightly and so he finally arrived at the garden. He jumped over the wall, not too high and not too low, just right. He landed softly in the grass on the other side and carefully hid the egg.
When he returned home his Mother was very pleased and said, "This year you will be the Easter Bunny." The children were very happy too. They came running into the garden and when they found the deep green egg hidden in the grass they exclaimed, "Hurray! It's Easter time again!"

If I were organised enough I would have made seven of these finger puppets so the bunnies were all matching- maybe next year. I got the pattern at our Waldorf playgroup so it's not quite mine to share, but if you have a look at the photo you can see how simple they are to make and can probably cut a pattern out for yourself.


littleprairieinabighouse said...

I love your story. I actually liked all those different bunnies, but i can see how you want them to be the same. i'm going to search my house for some bunnies, in hopes that we can share this story too, on time for easter. Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

What a sweet story! I need to get my act together-somehow Easter has sneaked (snuck?) up on me this year, and I am way behind in my Spring/Easter crafts. These bunnies could maybe make a quick appearance before Sunday..thanks for posting this :)

I am Lady Jay said...

Thank you for sharing!
One aspect I particularly liked was that all the bunnies were different, clearly from all different origins! Was one from a necklace? I love it! Matching bunnies is great but there's something to be said for making do and using what you have! Cant wait to act this out with my nieces!

Evi said...

This is gorgeous!! It IS hard to figure out how to 'own' an Australian easter....we are in the wrong season to really use the whole Spring theme!
Thanks for sharing.

Anneli said...

What a cute story! I started to think about easterbunny stories when we were to explain to our two year old about the eastereggs. I searched on the net and found one based on a greek myth but haven't translated it to english yet. I translated it to swedish on my blog. I didn't have the stuff to make a physical story of it because lack of stuff to use, bird, birdnest, bunny, eggs, a man, a godess, but until next year I will probably be prepared in time and use your story too. Thanks for sharing!

Jovana said...

Glad to have come across this, Ebba told this story not so long ago when we were there and we just did again- the spring just "arrived" in our parts, and our spring table has gone up and it was nice to find the story written down somewhere....miss you guys!

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