Tuesday, May 15, 2012

our winter urban garden

In our winter urban garden at the moment we have...

picked the very last of the capsicums 
as well as

brussel sprouts
snow peas
cos lettuce
fresh herbs

 and a big bunch of Marigolds that seem to attract little hands more than they attract the slugs...

I'm planning on planting potatoes again soon. Last year we bought a bag from Bunnings but I'd like to plant some organic ones... has anyone had luck planting potatoes they get from their organic provider? I think all I have to do it let them sit in the sun for a couple weeks until they begin to sprout.

How does you garden grow?


E said...

We just plant our organic potatoes (last year reds and this year yukon golds) straight from our green grocer... and after a couple of weeks they go crazy! (But they seem to like/grow best in spring/fall, and get a bit intimidated by the summer heat - we've not yet tried them in a cold-frame in winter).

But I should include a disclaimer... we're still trying our hand at potato-growing, and are by no means experts!

Hope your garden thrives and provides much joy and life!

Caroline said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I especially love the marigold photos. Little Miss B loves picking them too.
As for potatoes, Diggers has a really good range.

Stacey said...

Missed out in getting my seed potatoes from Green Harvest and have been wondering the same! Your garden looks relaxing and bountiful.

Rachel Federman said...

Winter Urban Garden = genius

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